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    14 "Conventionally Unattractive" Traits That A Lot Of People Actually Find Super-Duper Hot

    We love to see it!

    We recently shared a list of "conventionally unattractive" things people actually find to be a huge turn-on, and the BuzzFeed Community decided to add some of their own "unusual preferences" in the comments. Here's what they had to say:

    1. "I really like gapped teeth and when a person's bottom teeth are a little crooked."

    Woman with a gap in her teeth
    Tara Moore / Getty Images


    2. "Many people think laughing too much is ugly and sometimes looks unattractive, but I love when guys are comfortable fully laughing around me ... it’s just nice to see someone very happy!"

    Jaladhi Patel

    3. "Women with dark under-eyes, adult acne, adult braces, and cellulite on their thighs are all soooooo insanely hot to me."


    4. "I don’t think they’re perceived as unattractive, but they're considered more of a comfort item than a glam item: Oversize hoodies are adorable, okay? Oversize hoodies on guys and girls and enbies and everyone."


    5. "Short guys! My boyfriend is only 5 feet 6, and while he’s still about an inch taller than I am, I would much rather have someone that height than someone who’s above 6 feet and I can’t even reach."

    A woman taller than her boyfriend
    Getty Images

    6. "A little awkwardness. When they bump into things or get flustered really easily. Very cute."


    7. "That bump on the nose. So hot; I don't know why."


    8. "Gangly arms or legs."


    9. "I love gray hair! It’s so pretty on everyone, in my opinion."

    Older couple laughing together
    Getty Images


    10. "I love happy trails on women! So furry and soft."


    11. "I love a bit of asymmetry to the eyes."


    12. "I'm totally into gingers. Give me a skinny, red-haired, freckled man and I'd probably instantly crush over him 😍."


    13. "I love crow's-feet — especially when people smile."

    Woman with crow's-feet smiling
    Yongyuan Dai / Getty Images

    14. And finally, "Freckles are so cute, and it makes me sad when I see women self-conscious about them."


    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.