17 Tweets About "Real Life" Haunted House Ideas That Made Me Die Inside

    The stuff of nightmares.

    1. A house full of old poems:

    A haunted house but the ghosts recite the poems you wrote when you were sixteen

    Twitter: @ambernoelle

    2. A house full of snacking coworkers:

    A haunted house but every room is a work cubicle and you're surrounded by coworkers eating yogurt and apples and chips.

    Twitter: @RodLacroix

    3. A house full of drunk mistakes:

    a haunted house but it’s filled with ghosts reading your drunk DMs out loud

    Twitter: @Love_bug1016

    4. A house full of wardrobe malfunctions:

    A haunted house but it’s all the outfits you wore in high school.

    Twitter: @kelly__le

    5. A house full of receipts:

    Haunted house but it’s just receipts of everything you’ve ever wasted money on

    Twitter: @itsqail

    6. A house full Netflix stans:

    A haunted house but it’s just people asking you if you’ve watched Squid games.

    Twitter: @ilovepie84

    7. A house full of superfluous packages:

    A haunted house, but every door my husband opens there’s a new Amazon package

    Twitter: @mommajessiec

    8. A house full of bitter men:

    a haunted house, but it's just shitty men on dating apps shouting their height at you followed by "because apparently that matters"

    Twitter: @hellolanemoore

    9. A house full of socializing acquaintances:

    A haunted house but instead of ghosts it’s full of casual acquaintances who had a little too much to drink and really want to have an earnest conversation with you

    Twitter: @ambernoelle

    10. A house full of dissociation:

    Haunted house but it’s just me dissociating with childhood trauma.

    Twitter: @itzhardtosay

    11. A house full of "NOT THAT SONG:"

    A haunted house but with ghosts that play the wrong song when asked

    Twitter: @JohnnyRiggs9

    12. A house full of Google search history:

    A haunted house but instead of ghosts, it's pictures of your Google search history.

    Twitter: @karanbirtinna

    13. A house full of mansplainers:

    A haunted house, but around every corner is a guy who wants to explain bitcoin and NFTs to you

    Twitter: @SarahArcherM

    14. A house full of angry Karens:

    A haunted house, but it's just a 15 table section filled with Karens and the printer is down.

    Twitter: @bitchywaiter

    15. A house full of boring adult responsibilities:

    A haunted house: but it's just people paying bills and waiting in line at the DMV

    Twitter: @PabloLuapo

    16. A house full of gross chewers:

    A haunted house but it’s just people chewing with their mouths open

    Twitter: @aklehm95

    17. And a house full of fun facts:

    A haunted house but it’s just a room full of strangers that you have to tell a fun fact about yourself to.

    Twitter: @Kica333

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