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Updated on Apr 22, 2020. Posted on Apr 22, 2020

There Was An Earthquake In California Last Night. Here Are The 18 Best Tweets.

Mother nature is acting up.

Last night I woke up screaming from what I thought was a terrifying nightmare. My blinds were rattling and my bed was shaking. To put it bluntly, it was some Exorcist shit.

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I was extremely disoriented, turned my bathroom light on (in hopes that it would protect me from the devil), then went back to sleep. When I woke up, I had texts from a couple friends asking me if I "felt the earthquake."

Daniella Emanuel / BuzzFeed

Turns out I wasn't visited by the devil. It was just a casual 3.7 magnitude earthquake that conveniently decided to occur right in the midst of a pandemic! Here's what Twitter had to say about this nonsense:


wow just a reminder to you west coast ppl tweeting about the earthquake some ppl on the east coast are still awake only because of insomnia plz check your privilege


Was it an earthquake or did I just take my category 8 titties out of my sports bra? only scientists can say


Everyone minding their business in quarantine and then this LA earthquake hits #earthquake


earthquake twitter is the best twitter because for one brief shining moment everyone sets aside all their arguments and differences at the same time to all tweet the word “earthquake”


Earthquake!!!! I am not in la I am just awake at 3:21am and desperate to feel I am part of something


Mother Nature right now after unleashing a pandemic and teasing the san andreas fault. #Earthquake


When the #earthquake starts getting longer and shakes harder.


Hey, God. First of all just loving this script for 2020. A lot of great stuff but me and the team here were just wondering if we really needed the earthquake? Feels a little on the nose.


earthquake: every person on twitter: “EARTHQUAKE?”


the fault lines and covid-19 #earthquake


an earthquake on earth day??? everyone relax she just shaking that ass


I was minding my business then god stomped on earth and said “ fuck yall sleep” #earthquake


Weirdly can’t find the guided mediation for falling back asleep after an earthquake during a pandemic while pregnant.


me waking up my parents to ask them if they felt the earthquake too #earthquake


The earthquake reminded me of how we used to make the bed shake , hope ur okay thoo.


That earthquake was the most action I’ve gotten in months



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