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16 Tweets About How The "Harry Potter" Series Did Draco Malfoy Dirty


1. If you were not aware.

if only jk rowling didnt hate draco malfoy imagine the confident gay man he could have become after a healthy character redemption arc instead of her using all that time to try to redeem snape, whose only quality was being greasy

2. There are a lot of people.

u know what im gonna say it draco malfoy deserved a redemption arc more than snape bc he made bad decisions at 16 & snape was a grown man

3. Who are obsessed.

draco malfoy couldn’t produce a patronus because he didn’t have enough happy memories, that boy truly deserved better

4. With Draco Malfoy.

in the harry potter exhibition draco’s costumes are in the “dark wizards” area while snape’s ones are in the “good wizards” area. assuming that a 11 y/o boy is a bad person just bc his parents are death eaters is the most fucked up thing anyone can do. just gonne leave this here

5. They feel super passionate.

when you're dead but someone on the internet says that draco malfoy is evil

6. About him deserving.

draco malfoy is the most underappreciated character in the harry potter saga. jkr did him dirty, pottermore did him dirty, fake fans did him dirty, he had no redemption arc & he was abused by many people. he deserves love & appreciation. this is the truth i don’t make the rules.

7. A redemption arc.

friendly reminder that this scene where draco gives his wand to harry to help him even when he’s on voldemort side and voldemort could easily k*ll him actually exists and was deleted from the final cut because jkr is dracophobic

8. They wish he was portrayed better than Snape.

Draco Malfoy: saved Harry's life, even though it could've meant he & his family got killed, lowered his wand when tasked to kill Dumbledore, Snape: joined a racist cult that killed muggles because Lily wouldn't suck his dick JK: Draco Malfoy isn't redeemable 🤧 alWaYs ✊🤑

9. And that people put more blame on his parents.

how many times do we have to say that draco malfoy was a CHILD who was raised to have certain traits and beliefs. he ended up changing because he realized his parents were wrong in their racism. people change and that’s acceptable. leave draco alone for fuck sake.

10. They dream of him dating Harry.

I don’t care what anyone says I have always shipped Draco’s and Harry’s lowkey relationship. They always look out for each other but on the low and I love it 🐍⚡️

11. Or Hermione.

hermione and draco should’ve ended up together they’re both intellectual and powerful. it would’ve ended the blood purity supermacy of malfoys and we’d get draco’s well deserved redemption arc but jk rowling said fuck yall

12. And they'll never let you forget.

me talking about myself: ▶ 🔘──────── 00:01 me talking about why draco malfoy deserves a redemption arc: ▶🔘──────── 19:24:58

13. The obstacles he overcame.

friendly reminder that draco malfoy chose the greater good at the end and refused to expose harry even tho his family would benefit bc he knew it was wrong. yeah he deserved to get punched by hermione but he grew up and ultimately he didn’t choose his father’s murderous cult

14. Because they'll shout it from every corner of the world.

*breaks through your window* *breaks down bedroom door* *shakes you awake* DO YOU HAVE TIME TO TALK ABOUT HOW DRACO MALFOY DESERVED BETTER?!

15. They know their undying love isn't what JK Rowling intended.

JK Rowling: "I get enerved when girls say they love Draco Malfoy" Me: #HappyBirthdayDracoMalfoy

16. But they don't give a damn.

draco malfoy deserves better draco malfoy deserves happiness draco malfoy deserves love draco malfoy deserves protection

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