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    19 Tweets About Dating In New York That'll Make You Thank The Gods If You're Not Single

    "Good morning texts are NYC dating infinity stones."


    Dating in NYC: Guy 1: want to grab a drink? Me: sure when? Guy 1: I’m not available, sorry Guy 2: let’s get food Me: ok where? Guy 2: this place across from my apartment Guy 3: Had fun yesterday, you free tomorrow? Me: sure what time? Guy 3: *either ghosts or dies*



    good morning texts are nyc dating infinity stones


    This is what dating in New York looks like


    The worst part about dating in New York is finding out the guy you’ve been seeing for the past 2 weeks was actually just 58 rats in a trenchcoat the whole time 😞


    A very fun and cool thing about dating in New York is standing outside a bar smoking and a guy that ghosted you walks by with his dog and gives you the nod.


    dating in new york is the closest I’ll ever be to feeling like a basketball coach I’m sitting with a clipboard like “it’s time to fire the whole roster. build a new team with new talent. the franchise needs a fresh start”


    Texas friends: why are you still single? Isn’t dating in New York supposed to be, like, great? Me:


    Dating in New York has made me lose my entire frame of reference. They text you everyday? They could want nothing to do with you. Hit you up twice a month? They’re in love with you



    Dating in New York is like going on The Bachelor, thinking you had an awesome one-on-one, and finding out 3 months in you were on a group date the entire time.


    Dating in New York is me having to reschedule a date because of work travel and the guy meeting someone in the week I was gone.


    Dating in New York is just men telling you the fine details of the screenplay they’re thinking about maybe writing at some point someday when they finally have the time.


    dating in new york is kinda like going to a restaurant and seeing a B on the door and shrugging and going in anyway


    sir included “i have a washer and dryer in unit” in his profile bc new york dating is new york dating


    New York dating is Yes he’s rude and ugly and I hate spending time with him but he lives in my neighborhood so 🤷‍♀️


    last night my friend asked me “is dating in NYC shitty?” and I scoffed a “yes”, laughed a little and then shed a single tear.


    NYC twitter STAYS complaining about how trash NYC dating is so dont try to tell me NYC is lit when yall aint even fuckin


    Dating in New York is so hard that actually I gave up and am going on a date in Cincinnati tonight instead

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