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16 Jokes About The Dreaded Acne People Are Getting From Wearing A Mask

Our pores said, "No ❤️."

If you're new to the term "maskne," you're one of the fortunate ones. Or maybe you just haven't made the connection that the sudden appearance of zits smattered around your cheeks and jawline are likely the result of being a (responsible) mask-wearing citizen.


Here are some tweets that might make you feel a little less miserable about that honker on your chin:


Have we settled on a term for all our new mask-related acne yet? Maskne? Macne? Covimples?


Forehead pimples are especially upsetting nowadays because I can’t even use the good ol’ “maskne” excuse.


Me seeing people with perfect skin get mascne and finally understand the curse that is adult acne


me: ugh this acne is definitely from wearing my mask also me: twizzlers for breakfast? don’t mind if I do


can someone make a single use mask infused with skincare and salicylic acid so you can treat your maskne and wear a mask all at the same time, thx


yesterday I sent my 14 year old sister a picture of my face and mentioned my mask acne and she really had the audacity to send a close up of her clear skin and caption it “can’t relate! ✨🤩”


Has Clearasil made a cure for maskne yet


have decided maskne is hot bc it means u care for others


My three-year-old even has maskne 😭


Everyone's talking about maskne but no one is talking about how great wearing a mask is if you have super dry skin, I'm gonna find one that covers my forehead next


My impeccable jawline is being tainted by one talk to me


in the age of maskne i think it is VITAL that we make acne a fuckable trait


My mask covering up my acne while also causing it


Me getting exactly the same hormonal spots I’ve had once a month for the past 2 years: it’s my damn mascne!



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