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17 Tumblr Posts About Being A Woman That Are Honestly Comedic Gold

"You're not like other girls."

1. The woman who posted a video about how she didn't like The Joker that apparently warranted an 11-hour response.

2. The women featured on Queer Eye who take on quite the load.

famil-ydissappointment / Via

3. The women who truly have no idea what this guy is talking about.

bechdels / Tumblr / Via

4. The woman who had her facts ready to be presented.

salroka / Tumblr / Via

5. The women who don't see much wrong with what Amy Dunne did in Gone Girl.

baddingtonbitch / Tumblr / Via

6. The women who wrote these "condom comebacks" in 1996 that are unfortunately still useful today.

crusherccme / Tumblr / Via

7. The women who have the misfortune of being in comic books written by men.

JelloApocalypse / Tumblr / Via

8. And the woman who decided to not let male artists get away with their bullshit.

bile-shroom / Tumblr / Via

9. The woman who GETS IT. Plain and simple.

marypsue / Tumblr / Via

10. The woman (Mary Shelley) who said "fuck you" to every life challenge.

sea-change / Tumblr / Via

11. The woman who maybe...just MAYBE...knows what she's talking about.

spearmint-milkshake / Via

12. The woman who is sick and tired of this shit.

pathokinessis / Tumblr / Via

13. The women who knew their stuff would age well.

hello-c-horse / Via

14. The woman who wants everyone to know the proper way to pick up chicks.

targent / Tumblr / Via

15. The women who are exhausted by the pressures put on them in both political parties.

happibeans / Tumblr / Via

16. The women who aren't like other women.

theawesomeadventurer / Via

17. The woman who legitimately needs to know if this fictional bitch is okay.

imkindagoodatscrabble / Via


An earlier version of this post included a Tumblr post from a person who is not a woman. Our apologies for the mistake.