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People Who Have Trouble Sleeping: What Has Helped You Fight Insomnia?

Because everyone deserves some beauty sleep.

Depending on the person, sleep can either be a gift or a curse. For me it's a curse because I'm absolutely awful at it.


According to the National Sleep Foundation, about 30% of the general population complain about sleep issues. AKA there's a boatload of people out there trying to figure out the best way to get some quality shut-eye.


Maybe they swear by a certain natural supplement that helps them sleep like a baby.


Perhaps they limit the amount of time they spend looking at their phone, computer, or TV before going to bed.

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Maybe they've made sure their room is the coziest place on the planet.


Whatever it is that helps you sleep, we want to know about it. The best responses could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video. Sound off in the comments below!