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13 Toxic Parents Who Will Make You Feel Really Grateful For Your Semi-Normal Family

It's hard to believe these are parents, not children.

1. This dad who flipped on his son for not calling him on Christmas (even though he was working a 12 hour shift):

2. This mom who wants to give grandma and grandpa horse dewormer:

3. And this dad who actually gave his child horse dewormer for Christmas:

4. This mom who really just told her child to burn in hell on Christmas:

5. This aunt who went from "Merry Christmas!" to "Give me your mother's ashes RIGHT NOW":

6. This mom that does not respect the fact that her child needs to split their time on the holidays:

7. This mom who wasn't there for her sick child:

8. This mom who used the worst emoji possible to relay that she had covid (and possibly infected her whole family):

9. This mom who sent an extremely hurtful text exchange about her daughter TO her daughter:

10. This mom who seems to have been looking for a reason to be angry:

11. This mom who's doing a great job at pushing her child even further away:

12. This mom who is blaming everyone but herself for being cut out of her family:

13. And finally, this dad who's threatening to stalk his own child:

H/T: r/insaneparents