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19 Heart-Wrenching Family Moments That Seem Like They're Straight Out Of A Movie, But They're Real

"One of my grandpa's last requests was to sneak a chocolate chip cookie into the hospital..."

It doesn't take a lot to make me cry these days, so it's no surprise that one of the latest TikTok trends made me sob so hard, I had to change my pillowcase last night.


The answer is no, I'm not okay.

The trend uses the song "Slipping Through My Fingers" from Mamma Mia, and it showcases something really sweet that the user's family member (and in some cases animal) did for them. Here are some of the heart-wrenching examples:

1. This person's baby brother didn't get the memo that she moved out of the house, so he checks her bedroom for her every morning.

@asmoleva / Via

2. This person drives behind their dad to work every day, and he flashes his hazard lights as a "goodbye" every time she turns onto her exit.

@daphnievega / Via

3. This person's dad won "surprise of the year" when he wrapped his daughter up like a present and had her mom open it on the train platform.

@thebeccamurray / Via

4. This person's dog is such a good boy that he waited for two whole hours to eat because his owner forgot to say his "release word."

@queen_jamiee / Via

5. This person asked her dad to get her some juice when she was going through chemotherapy, and he brought her the entire grocery store.

@emilyramirez6 / Via

6. This person's mom did everything in her power for him to not be alone on Thanksgiving, which included driving eight hours to take him and his friends out to dinner.


happy mother’s day to the most incredible woman I know. thank you for everything.

♬ original sound - bradley uppercrust the third

7. This person majorly left their little brother hanging, but he still left the cutest note.

@jilligansisland__ / Via

8. This person's little brother was so sad when he went to college that he sent a photo of himself crying as a receipt.

@gusyan9 / Via

9. This person's dad had a major sulk when his daughter rode on the back of her boyfriend's Jet Ski instead of his.

@castilleyoman / Via

10. This person shared a video of when she sneaked her grandpa some cookies in the hospital as one of his last requests, and he experienced pure bliss.

@britty_paige / Via

11. This person's dad showed his support for his son coming out in the cutest way.

@dandanthehandsomeman / Via

12. This person's grandpa made it his mission to make his granddaughter's "prom day" special, even though it was canceled because of COVID-19.

13. This person made a mold with her father who was sick so that they could hold hands forever.

14. This person's neighbor filled in as grandpa throughout her whole life because her biological grandparents lived in Ethiopia.

@bighairselam.m / Via

15. This person's dad saved the day when her road flooded and she wasn't able to get diapers for her baby.

@ashlynross4 / Via

16. And this person's dad saved the day too (even if the cat could easily have made that jump).

@hannahhhed / Via

17. This person's dad made the most wholesome "pros" list for why she should stay in her hometown for college.

@categoldman / Via

18. This person's dad always makes one itty-bitty croissant for her baby.

@andrea_mrllo / Via

19. And finally, this person's little sister made her room extra special for her favorite person.

@ryan_weisss / Via

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