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14 Really Old Dogs Who Have Been Through So Much, It's A Miracle They're Alive

They really said, "Not today, Satan!"

1. This tiptoeing floof who will absolutely NOT be making an appearance at the vet.


Swear he couldn’t move yesterday


2. This jawless angel who's the hottest thing on the block.

3. This skinny legend who's outlived all his brothers and sisters.


bentley means well🧚🏽‍♀️✨ but he gotta go #fyp #dog #GreentoPurple


4. This teeny baby who just wants some damn Oreos.

5. This crooked chonk who enjoys eating batteries from time to time.


I’ve been saying goodbye for 5 years now HAHAHAHA #fyp #pug #dog


6. This old pooch who said "absolutely not" to euthanasia.


Our dog coming home after we thought we were putting her down but she convinced the vet she was good all of a sudden #queen#shit #cheatsdeatheveryday


7. This resilient lady who just needed some voodoo tea to give her a pep in her step.


She was literally about to be put down and my grandma made her some tea and literally received her 💀 SUBstepchallenge #4thOfJuly #HamilFilm #fyp


8. This teetering fella who knows EXACTLY where his water is.

9. This precious puggle who's basically Benjamin Button.

10. This graying golden who just needs some human food and antidepressants to get her through the day.

11. This petite pooch who's been revived not once, but twice.

12. This doggo whose beautiful eyes are a window into their ancient soul.

13. This pupperoo who said "SIKE" after an emergency visit to the vet.

14. And this wonderful 15-year-old weenie who somehow still looks fresh out of the womb.


They’re only supposed to live till like 11 #dog #puppy