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Everyone Needs To See This TikTok Of A Mom Standing Up To A Man Who Was Creeping On Her Daughter

He was messing with the wrong mama bear.

21-year-old Julia Frank was minding her own business at the supermarket when she noticed an older man staring at her. "A glance is one thing, but an obvious stare is another," Frank told BuzzFeed.

Frank told her mom, Stephanie Ibarrondo, that the man was making her feel uncomfortable. When they walked past him, he looked directly at Frank's butt. "My mom said, 'Excuse me sir, that's my daughter you're looking at.' He didn't say much other than, 'Mind your own business, lady,'" Frank told BuzzFeed.

The man then proceeded to follow Frank, her cousin, her sister, and her mom down every aisle. When Ibarrondo confronted him again, Frank took out her phone and started recording in case the situation escalated. Here's the TikTok she posted of the altercation:

In the video, you can hear Ibarrondo (certified legend) say, "You dirty old man, stop staring at my fucking daughter's ass." She and Frank both tell him multiple times to get away from them, to which he responds, "Dress like a whore, you should look at a whore."

TikTok / @juliamfrank

Frank notes in the TikTok that she was wearing a baggy T-shirt and sweatpants. But she shouldn't have to defend herself, because no one should ever call someone that word! "It shouldn't be about what someone was wearing, ever," Frank told us.

Ibarrondo then told a worker what was going on, and he called for backup. The man was escorted out of the store and employees informed Frank and Ibarrondo that they watched him leave the premises.


When asked what she thought about her mom, Frank said, "She has raised me to be a stronger woman, so I'm able to teach my kids one day how to be strong as well. ... She has taught me that no matter what happens, it's always important to stand up for yourself."

Warner Bros.

Frank also wanted to remind women to take all the proper precautions for staying safe. "If you feel uneasy in a public place, make your way to someone who can help. Don't go out to your car alone without watching your back. Always be aware of your surroundings," she said.


And men, here's a message for you, too. Keep your eyes, hands, and words to yourself please! Thanks.


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