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Everyone Who Thinks Bulk-Buying Is The Answer Right Now Needs To Watch This TikTok Of A Mother Crying

"How am I supposed to diaper my child if I can't afford 20 at a time like you can?"

While people were bulk-buying every item known to man last weekend, 36-year-old Lauren Whitney was just trying to find some diapers for her kid.

After going to a few stores and realizing there were no more diapers left in her youngest daughter's size, she recorded a TikTok of herself crying in Walmart.

"How am I supposed to diaper my child if I can't afford 20 at a time like you can?" she said in the TikTok.

"I took the video intending to keep it in my drafts, but accidentally uploaded it and logged on an hour later to see it went viral. I debated taking it down, but decided it needed to be seen," Whitney told BuzzFeed.

"I'd love for people to realize that all this panic-buying and hoarding is making it hard for lower income families or families on a budget," Whitney said.

"Some people can't get to the stores when the trucks arrive. Some people don't have the money to go when the trucks arrive because they get paid later. If we all just purchased what we needed at the time, the shelves would stay stocked," she said.

If you're as invested in Whitney's diaper hunt as I am, you're probably wondering if she was ever able to find any. Thankfully, she came across some this morning! "I found two boxes in her size. I purchased one and left the other for someone else," she said.