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This TikTok Family Had A "Tiger King"–Themed Quarantine Dinner And...They Win

"It was just really upsetting to realize my dad had both of those shirts in his closet."

In case you're a little out of the loop right now, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness has become the newest docuseries people are bingeing on Netflix and won't stop talking about. It follows the drama surrounding some eccentric characters in the world of exotic pet owning.

Like pretty much all of us, Taylor Stern and her family spent the past week bingeing Tiger King while in quarantine together. After they finished the series, a lightbulb went on in Taylor's head.

"I looked at my sister and honestly she has shoulder-length blonde hair and I was like, 'She kind of looks like Joe Exotic,'" Taylor told BuzzFeed. "And my mom really channeled Carole so much and I was like, 'We have to figure things out.'"

"Right now in the world everything feels really heavy and all of us were having a lot of anxiety," Alex told BuzzFeed. "We thought, what could we do that would make somebody laugh?" The four of them decided to throw a Tiger King–themed dinner and dress up as the main characters in the series. Taylor gifted the world with a TikTok of the whole affair, which now has over 4 million views.

Here are some comparison photos between the actual characters and the Sterns to show how spot-on their impersonations were. Alex as Joe Exotic:

Mrs. Stern as Carole Baskin:

Mr. Stern as John Finlay:

And Taylor as Doc Antle:

They also served chicken, which they pretended was expired Walmart meat (aka what Joe Exotic feeds the animals in the series).

If you're chomping at the bits for a part two, Taylor and Alex confirmed that there's one on the way! A defining characteristic of the show is Joe Exotic's music videos. Alex just so happens to be a musician, so they're planning on making a music video of their own. They're also interested in doing a "cooking with Carole" video.

The most impressive part of this to me was the fact that the Sterns already owned every accessory they wore in the video. But the girls weren't too amused. "It was just really upsetting to realize my dad had both of those shirts in his closet," Taylor said (referring to the shirts Mr. Stern and Alex wore). "He was legit sad when I tore the sleeves off and I was like, if you ever wear this again for real then we'll have issues."