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A Kiss Landed This Girl In The Emergency Room, Her Tinder Date Came With Her, And The Whole Thing Is Kinda Hilarious

"My whole mouth started tingling mid-kiss..."

Imagine telling your kids that you met on Tinder during a global pandemic and ended up in the emergency room on your first date.

Well, if 22-year-old Samara Hnaien and 23-year-old Charles Harris get married and start a family someday, that's the exact story they'll be telling their offspring!

Hnaien and Harris live in Australia. They recently met on Tinder and agreed to meet up. "As everything is shut, the date was just Samara coming over to my house to hang out," Harris told BuzzFeed. "The date was going very well, so we ended up kissing..."

Before Hnaien came over, Harris ate a peanut butter sandwich. What he didn't realize was that Hnaien had a severe peanut allergy.

"My whole mouth started tingling mid-kissing basically, which is the first sign to me that I'm having a reaction, and I hadn’t eaten anything, so I thought he must’ve had something that had peanuts in it," Hnaien told BuzzFeed.

Hnaien asked Harris if he'd eaten peanuts, and he said yes. At first she thought he was kidding, but once she realized he was serious, she instructed him to inject her EpiPen in her thigh while she counted to 10 out loud (so that the adrenaline could properly go through her system). Then he called the ambulance and they headed to the emergency room together. Here's Hnaien's TikTok:

And here's Harris's TikTok:


If this blows up I’ll actually take her on a date #fyp #foryou

♬ The Damn Guy - Grima | Azza

They stayed at the hospital until 5:30 a.m. "He handled the situation as best as he could’ve. I was actually really impressed," Hnaien said. "He was really caring and genuine and made me feel at ease and kept reassuring me to not feel embarrassed or anything like that because I was just mortified and felt so bad for him. ... It’s a pretty confronting experience stabbing someone with an EpiPen especially when you first meet them haha."

Both Harris and Hnaien said there will definitely be another date, as well as a followup TikTok. As far as making sure something like this doesn't happen again, Hnaien said that even though it's a bit awkward, she'll make sure to ask people if they've eaten peanuts before she kisses them.

Here's hoping their next date goes a bit smoother!