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    17 People Who Are Absolutely Gutted About The Potential TikTok Ban

    Cut the cameras. Deadass.

    On Friday, President Trump said he would ban TikTok from the United States due to security concerns over the app's Chinese-owned parent company, ByteDance.

    Considering the fact that TikTok has been a lot of people's sole source of joy during the pandemic (I may or may not be a part of this demographic), the internet was ready to throw hands.

    Today, Trump said the app will be officially shut down in the United States on Sept. 15, unless they're able to find a US buyer. Although this buys TikTok creators and users more time, people are still hella stressed.

    Here are some of the funniest tweets about the situation:


    tony lopez outside the white house trying to convince trump to not ban tiktok


    Me trying other forms of entertainment once tiktok is banned from the country #tiktokban


    “I HEREBY BAN TIKTOK” - me unplugging the alarm clock


    Even if they ban tiktok there will be “FUNNIEST TIK TOK THREADS ‼️‼️” posted daily for like 6 consecutive years like yall did with vine


    Me performing Tiktok dance routines for my family now that the app has been banned #tiktokban


    Ban TikTok but I'm still gonna twerk on caskets.


    If they ban TikTok they are gonna have to create a new app where straight men can act gay for clout


    I think the hardest part about the potential TikTok ban is the fact that I’m not gonna hear “thank you, mama” anymore🥺


    Americans changing their location to canada bc of the tiktok ban:


    We can’t ban tiktok, how else will the kids learn how gerrymandered Wisconsin is?


    they can't ban tiktok i need the person who does john mulaney's voice to survive


    Me using VPN to get on TikTok if they ban it in the US


    Trump after threatening to ban tiktok for the 1000th time #TikTokDown


    Charli damelio and Addison Rae rn as they make their last TikTok videos before it gets banned #tiktokban


    Tiktok creators going back to their old lives after the TikTok ban #tiktokban


    trump to addison rae when he signs the order to ban tiktok


    Can trump just ban Snapchat Chile ... leave tiktok alone