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    I'm Completely Mesmerized By The Way This Pediatrician Gives Babies Vaccines

    Where was this method when I was a screaming toddler?

    Nothing screams "betrayal" like the guttural cry of an unsuspecting baby who's just received their shots at the doctor's office.

    So when I came across a TikTok of a doctor administering a vaccine to a baby named Noah who laughed the whole way through, I couldn't believe my eyes.

    In the video, the pediatrician hums a jolly tune and makes funny noises while lightly tapping the covered syringe around different parts of Noah's body.

    When the doctor finally injects the syringe into Noah's thigh, he's so distracted by all the play that he hardly notices. He looks a little bit stunned for a second, then immediately goes back to laughing.

    "I never thought my child getting a vaccine would bring a smile to my face," Siphora Bangiyeva, Noah's mother, told BuzzFeed. "I used to dread the thought of him getting his shots. I myself hate shots and am terrified of them. And this doctor makes me want to get them!"

    Siphora and her husband have dubbed this magical technique "the Gerba method," in honor of their pediatrician, Dr. William Gerba. Here's Dr. Gerba working his magic when Noah was even younger:

    Dr. Gerba, who's based in New York, went viral in 2018 for using the same genius method on another baby. "We love it," Siphora said. "I literally refuse to see any other doctor now."

    Here's to many more needles being met with laughter!