Women Are Sharing The Things They Didn't Know About Men Until They Moved In With Their Boyfriends, And Some Of Them Are Really Damn Gross

    Ignorance really is bliss.

    We recently posted a list of the "shocking" things men didn't realize about women until they started living with one. On the same Reddit thread where these men fessed up about their ignorance, women decided to share their stories about the male behaviors that stunned them. Here are the top-rated responses:

    1. "Actually shaking their penis after they pee. I had no idea that was a real thing."

    2. "Taking scalding-hot showers. It's like the only use the cold knob has is to hold the body scrubber thing."


    3. "That guys really do drop their clothing beside the wash basket instead of in it, even if it's empty or half full."


    4. "The random stuff they’ll do once they become comfortable around you. For example, my S.O. and I were sitting on the couch watching TV. I looked up — he didn't notice me looking at him, stuck his finger in his belly button, then smelled it for a full 30 seconds. He was completely unaware someone was watching him."


    5. "Men fart. A lot. Like, really. Especially while sleeping. I think it's hilarious, and I have a hard time suppressing my laughter at night so I don't wake up my boyfriend."

    6. "Men, you may not realize this, but you shed too! It's just little pube-sized hairs that may or may not be actual pubes. Check the shower after you get out — they're there and they're hair."


    7. "You will clean up a spot and it will look great, and somehow he will come over and cover it with useless junk."


    8. "My boyfriend claims he can’t force himself to pee. If we’re going on a long drive or going to bed, I’ll squeeze out whatever I can. Apparently he literally can’t do that. He has to wait until his bladder is full and gets the urge before he physically can pee."


    9. "Menfolk have a tendency to have their 'comfortable resting position,' with their hand around/near/on their pants/boxers/junk. Yup, it's still THERE. It's not going ANYWHERE. I PROMISE YOU."

    10. "There's pee under the toilet seat. And on the flap thing of the toilet seat. And on the floor. It's disgusting."


    11. "My S.O. never washed his hands after he peed. He told me that no guys washed their hands after they peed. I asked my male friends and got mixed responses."


    12. "A lot of guys don't have soap in their bathrooms."


    13. "Not only is their underwear not made of terrible (or goddamn expensive) material like ours — it's like having a soft cloud hugging my ass while not giving me wedgies from clit to hip."

    14. And finally, "Taking hourlong poops. I know what you're doing — you're hiding from me and the kids!"


    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.