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    17 Things You Wouldn't Believe Were Real Unless You Saw A Picture, So Here You Go

    Taking a picture does, indeed, make it last longer.

    1. A hatched nest of baby praying mantises:

    2. Bird shit that looks like a painting of a man:

    3. A cellphone with a clip-on keyboard:

    4. A snake chilling in your local Goodwill store:

    5. An edge piece of Goldfish:

    6. A cat with the word "NO" circled on it:

    7. A belly button with an old woman's face in it:

    8. Dobby's gravesite: 

    9. A cicada resting on a cicada tattoo:

    10. A banana this straight:

    11. This many white sedans lined up together:

    12. Blood making a heart shape on a plastic bandage:

    13. A house that's just a roof:

    14. A phone with Pizza Hut and Domino's on speed dial:

    15. Airplane food in a supermarket:

    16. A frog the size of an ant:

    17. And finally, a dog ear that looks like Donald Trump's profile:

    H/T: r/mildlyinteresting.