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15 Things That Are 100% Legal But Feel Illegal When You're Doing Them

Who makes the laws anyway?

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share some things that are 100% legal to do but make them feel like they're breaking the law. Here are some of the best responses:

1. "Calling a teacher by their first name."

Angry woman with ruler
Stolk / Getty Images

2. "Taking a right on red."

A red traffic light
Christoph Hetzmannseder / Getty Images

3. "Being in an empty classroom back in the day. I felt like I was breaking a law and someone was going to come in and yell at me."

An empty classroom
John Coletti / Getty Images

4. "Every time I have to go through a background check, I’m convinced that they’re going to find out I secretly have a long and sordid criminal history. I’ve gotten maybe four speeding tickets in my entire life and have never had any other brush with the law."

A criminal background check form
Andreypopov / Getty Images


5. "My daughter recently had ankle surgery so we had a handicap placard for a few months. Every time we used it, it felt so strange."

A handicap parking sign
Regis Martin / Getty Images


6. "Putting my hand in my pocket when I go to a store. I keep a grocery list in my pocket and reaching in to drag it out always feels scary. I’m not stealing, I promise!!!"

A man with his hand in his pocket
South_agency / Getty Images

7. "Putting your AirPods/earbuds in after taking a shower and your ears are still wet."

A woman smiling and putting her AirPod in
Violetastoimenova / Getty Images

8. "Getting a shopping cart and then realizing later that all you really needed was a basket."

An empty shopping cart
Jenwit Ritbundit / Getty Images


9. "I always get this irrational twinge of anxiety when I overheat while shopping for clothes, take off my sweater, and carry it around with the stuff I'm buying. Especially at thrift stores, I just have this ridiculous idea that I'm going to have to prove that it's actually mine."

A guy taking off his sweater
Imperia Staffieri / Getty Images

10. "Going into a shop and leaving without buying anything."

A woman leaving a store empty-handed
Maskot / Getty Images

11. "I’m 25 and I still get nervous when someone checks my ID."

A bouncer checking someone's ID
Hill Street Studios / Getty Images

12. "Whenever the metal detector goes off in airport security. I'm always nervous I somehow had something really illegal on me and I feel guilty for wasting their time (even though it's usually just my phone in my pocket)."

A bunch of people lined up at airport security
Izusek / Getty Images

13. "When I had my first baby, I cried multiple times a day while in the hospital because I irrationally felt like the staff weren’t going to let her leave with me and I wanted her so badly. The first few days to weeks after having a baby are a weird time."

A woman feeding her baby
Paulo Sousa / Getty Images

14. "Going to an open house when you aren't looking to buy, but wanting to walk around and check it out."

An open house sign
Klh49 / Getty Images

15. And finally, "Buying weed legally in California."

A weed store
Heath Korvola / Getty Images

Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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