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    21 Things That Are Totally Legal Even Though They Seem Questionable

    Let's just leave the pigeons be.

    Redditor stillchill123 decided to ask Reddit users, "What is something perfectly legal that feels illegal?"

    Since I personally feel like I'm doing something wrong every single day of my life, I was intrigued to see what other people would say.

    Here are some of the best responses:

    1. "Taking many napkins from a cafe or restaurant and pocketing them to use as tissues."

    2. "Trying to lockpick my own house because I can't find my key."

    3. "Not tipping bad waiters."

    4. "Going into a store to use the restroom without buying anything."

    5. "Calling a teacher by their first name."

    6. Opening a drink at the store and drinking it before you eventually pay for it at the register.

    7. "Taking more than one free sample."

    8. "Walking through 'nothing to declare' at the airport and having a nagging concern that just maybe you managed to pack 5 kilos of cocaine, a handgun, several tons of pest-infested fruit, and 2,000 cigarettes over the tobacco limit."

    9. "Having something of yours in your pocket while in a store that also sells that thing."

    10. "Bringing home a newborn infant."

    11. "Carrying an open container of liquor in some cities. We walked around New Orleans with an open bottle of rum because it was cheaper than buying shots."

    12. "Filling out government forms. I answer honestly, but constantly feel like I'm going to misinterpret a question and somehow commit some manner of bureaucratic felony."

    13. "Ripping off a few bananas before you buy them from the grocery store if you don't want the whole bundle."

    14. "Turning right on red."

    15. "Reading all or most of a book in a bookstore and then putting it back on the shelf."

    16. "Walking into a beauty store and spraying some expensive cologne from the tester bottle before going to your interview."

    17. "Taking a pigeon (for a pet). They don’t belong to anybody."

    18. "Calling a guy 'daddy' when we fuck."

    19. "Turning the light on inside the car when you're driving."

    20. "Buying alcohol for the first time when you turn 21 in the US."

    21. "When someone orders a pizza for a group and you take the last slice."