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    16 Chonky Animals That'll Brighten Your Day

    They thicccc.

    1. This hefty soldier who has seen it all.

    my chunky dog has been attacked by a coyote, had bouts of cancer, diabetic ketoacidosis, hit by a golfcart but he made it to his 13th birthday today n we had a party :-)

    2. This sweetie whose belly is begging to be rubbed.

    fatanimals / Via

    3. This precious boy who doesn't give a damn if he's too heavy to lay on you.

    I’m so glad I left the house today to meet this chonky boi.

    4. This jelly bean who is small, but mighty.

    It’s the queen’s birthday. 11 never looked so great on a chunky dog

    5. This fella who doesn't want a bath but is too lazy to get up.

    In case you're having a bad day, here's a fat cat in a sink

    6. This pupperino who absolutely needs his puppicino.

    we had to put my chunky dog on a diet and he’s not taking it very well

    7. This big girl who insists on being little spoon.

    8. This nutty guy who's doing a great job at preparing for winter.

    9. This cheeky lady who's showing off the goods.

    u/SoggyDeafGuy / Via

    10. This pumpkin whose name is pumpkin.

    u/kbeasley8713 / Via

    11. This kitters who needs some reading glasses.

    u/smilkcake / Via

    12. This guilty bb who is not so discreet about hiding his treats.

    13. This snowball who is already in hibernation mode.

    14. This big birdie who is not messing around.

    u/jamieusrowlando / Via

    15. This roly poly who's just a tad camera shy.

    16. And this chonky salamander who wants some recognition too.

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