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    These 26 Photos Alone Are Scarier Than "Hereditary," "The Exorcist," And Even "The Shining"

    It's almost October.

    1. This teacher who creeped on her students from the ceiling tiles:

    A woman in the ceiling

    2. This terrifying piece of meat hanging in the basement of an Airbnb:

    3. This 1943 first aid illustration that VERY wrongly advises people to stick their finger down the throat of someone who's choking:

    4. This unknown figure standing in a field:

    5. This really ominous looking seal:

    6. This bathroom that feels straight out of The Shining:

    7. These costumes that belonged to serial killer John Wayne Gacy:

    8. This freaky Shrek sculpture in the Czech Republic:

    9. This stranger smiling outside someone's door:

    10. This chair that looks like it'll never let you get up again once you sit down:

    11. This daunting diving sign:

    12. This door that's been marked up by an intruder:

    13. These endless rows of identical houses:

    14. This "Conch removal":

    15. This sliced up human display:

    16. This art project from hell:

    17. This haunting message from 1975:

    18. And this blood-curdling message from a serial killer:

    19. This demon cat:

    20. This engorged tick:

    21. These toenails:

    22. This eerie laundry room:

    23. This suffocating dentist office:

    24. This fairy den:

    25. This nightmare school bathroom:

    26. And finally, this land beyond earth:

    H/T: r/oddlyterrifying