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    16 Anti-Vaxxers Who Will Make You Think "They Can't Be Serious," But Unfortunately They Are

    Enough is enough is enough!

    1. This person who's perpetuating the BS that "poisons" from vaccinated people are radiating through computer screens:

    2. This person who's convinced that the vaccine caused a car to hit and kill her friend's daughter:

    3. This person who's fear-dumping on their child:

    4. This person too:

    5. This person who advised people to fake a seizure after their vaccine:

    6. This person who officially has the weirdest dating app opening on the planet (what a feat):

    7. This person who now goes by "Pureblood":

    8. This person who really took a photo of a random metal thing and pretended it was a tracking device:

    Someone pretending a random metal thing is a tracking device they found in their kid's arm
    u/MandoLakes / Via

    9. This person who clearly failed miserably at inciting a nationwide shutdown:

    10. This person who compared child masking to child abuse:

    11. This person who was genuinely scared about catching some "spike proteins" from vaccinated people:

    12. These people who are about to rub mustard all over their bodies:

    13. This person who's convinced the vaccine is just another way for Big Pharma to open our wallets...even though none of us are paying for it:

    14. This person who's down to vaccinate their pets, just not their children or themselves:

    15. This person who legit created a prosthetic arm for the sole purpose of faking out doctors:

    16. And finally, Candace Owens: