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    15 Moments That Made People Realize Their Perception Of The World Had Changed Forever

    Nothing will ever be the same.

    TikTok user @indicaatnight recently asked people to share a moment that marked the loss of their innocence.

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    Users have been flooding the comments with heartbreaking but relatable examples. Here are some of the most popular responses:

    1. "My birthdays turned into a normal day."

    Kid looking sad at a birthday candle.
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    2. "When I realized adults didn't really have it all together like I thought."

    Rihanna looking sad in a bathtub.
    Def Jam


    3. "When 'what I wanna be when I grow up' turned into a never-ending cycle of anxiety about the future."

    Guy looking stressed in an untied tie.


    4. "When I understood the phrase 'time flies' and I realized I didn't have the power to slow it down."

    The boy from Boyhood looking up at the sky.
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    5. "When you realize your parents aren't who you thought they were growing up."

    Alexis from Schitt's Creek hugging her mom.


    6. "When every day became a cycle of school, go home and sit alone, sleep, then repeat."

    Sloane from Ferris Bueller's Day Off looking bored.


    7. "When I started caring what boys thought."

    Maddy from Euphoria dancing


    8. "I sat on the bathroom floor and for the first time I realized I couldn't run to my parents to fix my problems. Because they were part of the problem."

    Boy looking sad with mother holding his head.


    9. "When I started listening to music to drown out my thoughts."

    Girl listening to headphones
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    10. "When I learned how to silently cry."

    Little girl looking like she's about to cry.


    11. "When saying 'I love you' to people became one of the most uncomfortable things to say."

    Jughead and Betty hugging.
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    12. "When I started feeling guilty whenever anybody got me presents for Christmas, or my birthday, because I wasn't worth their money."

    A little boy wrapped like a christmas present, looking sad.


    13. "I stopped getting so excited about things that I couldn't sleep the night before."

    Dani from Midsommar staring sadly into space.


    14. "When I started wanting to do things I promised my mom I'd never do."

    Evan Rachel Wood from 13 looking sad in a mirror.


    15. And, "When I realized that none of the adults that told us to 'chase our dreams' or to 'dream big' ever chased their own dreams."

    Daughter hugging her dad.