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    People Are Sharing The Tattoos That Artists Refused To Do On People, And Holy Moly These Are Bad

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    Have you ever seen a tattoo that was so heinous, it made you wonder, "What artist agreed to that?"


    Well, the artists who HAVE said no to asinine design requests (and the people who know them) congregated in a Reddit thread (by u/rperg) to share their harrowing stories, and TBH, these people are heroes:

    1. "An 18-year-old girl came in wanting her boyfriend's name on her lower back. She had never met him. She was his prison pen pal for a month. He was being released in a couple weeks and she wanted to get it to surprise him. No judgments on ex-cons, but I got the impression the relationship wasn't going to last!"


    2. "A tattoo artist I know refused to give a guy thigh-length tattoos of squirrels going after the dude's nuts."


    3. "Some 18-year-old kid wanted GOAT LOAF across his knuckles. I told him that sounded like a bad idea. He told me it was his nickname, and he was convinced he would never regret it. I refused, and on his way out of the shop, I saw 'GOAT LOAF' embroidered into the back of his fitted cap. I almost changed my mind, it was so damn funny."


    4. "The guy across the way in my complex told me that once a kid came in asking for the all-seeing eye in the middle of his forehead. He took a permanent marker and drew it on the guy's forehead and said reapply this for two weeks, then come back and I'll do it for real. The kid came back sometime later for an arm tat and said he had changed his mind about the eye."


    5. "When I first turned 18, I was going to get a portrait of Lou Bega tattooed on my ass cheek. The first two places I went told me no and I gave up. I'm really glad they said no."

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    6. "One that stands out most in my mind was a lady who came in and asked for a glow-in-the-dark tattoo on her inner thigh that said, 'Slippery when wet.' My tattoo artist turned her down immediately."


    7. "I work in a tattoo store in Europe, and this dude (who was clearly flat-out drunk) walked in and demanded multiple genitalia (both male and female) tattooed over various parts of his body. I declined."


    8. "My regular guy won't do tribal tattoos."


    9. "A freshly turned 18-year-old girl came in and said to my S.O., 'I want to get some cheetah spots on my neck to go with my asymmetrical haircut.' He explained that a tattoo was permanent and a haircut was probably not. He suggested dermal implants instead, and she declined."



    10. "I asked an artist who was inking a friend what the worst request he'd ever seen was. Two guys wanted a matching tattoo: two ducks in midair, screwing. Veins evident on a giant cock. The whole package surrounded by the words, 'I don't give a flying fuck.'"


    11. "Swastikas in general. Some claim they want it as a proclamation of Hinduism, but I still won't do it. Yes I realize they have slight differences and entirely different meanings, but 99% of society perceive it as pure evil, regardless of form."


    12. "Some girl I picked up at a club one night said that she'd have sex with me if I got a tattoo saying 'Jennifer's bitch' on my butt cheek. Being drunk, I accepted, but fortunately the tattoo artist talked me out of it."


    13. "This one girl came up into my store asking for a Snorlax and a three-toed sloth passing blunts to each other, with a Celtic cross behind them, with the Snorlax playing a glass bong banjo, all in front of a pot leaf. I ain't got that kind of skill..."


    14. "I turn down 18- to 22-year-old kids on a regular basis for small hand tattoos (ie. pinky promises, finger lightsabers, etc.). They look like shit a few years later and will render you unable to find work that isn't manual labor, hairdressing, what have you, unless you're in a region that is more accepting of tattoos."


    15. "My stepdad did tattoos for years. He said no to every single person that came in wanting another person's name tattooed on them. They would ask him why and practically beg, but his answer was always the same: 'No. Tattoos are guaranteed to last forever. You two aren't.'"


    16. "I used to date a tattoo artist. Her favorite 'no' story was a guy who wanted a realistic flea tattooed on his scale."


    17. And finally, "I have a very close friend who does tattoos. Worst one he's said no to was his aunt's best friend asking for the number '33' behind her ear, because a man once 'went down on her for 33 minutes.'"

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    Have you turned down a tattoo design, or had an idea that an artist said no to? Tell us in the comments for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!

    Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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