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    14 Things That Should Have Been Banned, Like, Yesterday

    If only we could say "This ends now" and actually mean it.

    1. Treating celebrities as if they're zoo animals:

    2. Extremely excessive and wasteful packaging:

    3. Companies that try to be smart-asses:

    4. Fake amenities:

    5. Teachers who don't allow students to tend to their basic human needs (like going to the bathroom or drinking water):

    6. People with no airplane etiquette:

    7. Anyone who favors getting TikTok views over respecting people's privacy:

    8. Large corporations fucking with nature:

    9. Waiting 12 hours to see a doctor:

    10. Diet culture:

    11. People who dispose of items in a disrespectful manner:

    12. The fact that companies don't share their salaries:

    13. All the people who contribute to airports being the grossest places on Earth:

    14. And finally, anyone who lets their laptop get this disgusting:

    H/T: r/mildlyinfuriating.