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Steve From "Blues Clues" Just Broke The Internet After A Nearly 20-Year Hiatus, And Here Are The Best Tweets

Now we need a video with Blue!

As if 2021 wasn't enough of an emotional roller coaster, Steve from Blues Clues decided to resurface in a heartwarming video this week, nearly TWENTY YEARS after leaving us "to go to college."

So about that time Steve went off to college… #BluesClues25

Twitter: @nickjr

Needless to say, millennials all over the world didn't know what to do with themselves. Here are the 18 best tweets about Steve's reappearance:


Let it be known that Steve from blues clues apologized for abandoning me before my dad did

Twitter: @veganeggma


do you know how bad things need to get for steve from blue’s clues to step in

Twitter: @GabbiBoyd


We’re all so emotionally damaged from this last year and a half that Steve from Blue’s Clues was like “I have to address the nation”

Twitter: @jaronmyers


steve from blue's clues giving out free therapy is the closest we're ever gonna get to universal healthcare huh

Twitter: @dilemmalord


steve from blues clues says the he’s proud of me bye

Twitter: @trashbutcutee


*millennials hanging on by a string because of everything our generation has been through* steve from blues clues 20 years later:

Twitter: @sunflower_c8e


now that steve from blues clues apologized i can begin to work on my issues with men 2021 is about healing

Twitter: @oranicuhh


you’re right, steve from blues clues, this shit has been kinda hard

Twitter: @kdhatesu


“Are you friends with Steve from Blues Clues??”

Twitter: @abroham_


i definitely knew people weren't doing *amazing* right now but i didn't understand the full extent of it until i saw some of the responses to that blues clues video

Twitter: @calebsaysthings


Man I really wasn’t trying to wake up to go to work today but then I remember Steve from Blues clues said he was proud of me so I had to go get this bread

Twitter: @Hernan308


Steve from blues clues got y’all open with that lil vid…idc what he talking bout son left us for dead y’all forget too quick

Twitter: @_D1POP


steve from blues clues says he's proud of me for growing up and tweeting for a gas station k bye

Twitter: @KwikTrip


You know Steve coming back to Blues Clues got me thinking I never got a clue of what happened between me and you

Twitter: @maratinajero


imagine spending $1000s on therapy and then Steve from blues clues heals your inner child within 3 minutes

Twitter: @thongalong


Steve from Blues Clues: “Remember how we used to search for clues together with our handy dandy notebook?” Me, knowing damn well I was almost an adult when that show started airing: “Yes. Yes I do, Steven.”

Twitter: @BoozyBadger


let's say hypothetically, for the sake of argument, that we just MADE steve from blues clues president. no election or campaign. he's just our president now.

Twitter: @chrisfolse


can’t believe ppl on this app are spoiling blues clues for those of us who are still getting caught up

Twitter: @isabeatty