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19 Simply Infuriating Photos That'll Take Your Rage To Levels You Never Knew Were Possible

Deeeeeeep breaths. Deep breaths!!!!

Every single day, I marvel at the audacity of some human beings. These 19 people in particular from r/mildlyinfuriating are blowing my mind at this current moment:

1. "My Mum has stage 4 cancer in five areas, and her boss has been pressuring her to come back to work."

Image of a redacted letter discussing a medical clearance for returning to work post-treatment, with specific instructions and a follow-up meeting arranged

2. "Boss says the office has no roaches."

3. "Got rejected three minutes after applying to a role."

Two separate smartphone screenshots showing emails of job application rejections from National Grid

4. "My wife's 30th birthday cake confusion."

Cake with misspelled "Happy Birthday" as "Hirdy Bithdy" next to order form showing correct spelling

5. "They put circus mirrors in my local Planet Fitness."

A distorted reflection of a gym with weights in a wavy mirror, creating a surreal effect

6. "The most disappointing moment in my life."

A carton of Oreo ice cream with a swirled top, opened and ready to be served

7. "My step dad thinks the eclipse will kill us."

Dark room with closed blinds on windows and silhouette of a table and chair, conveying a quiet and dim setting

8. "Left my teenage son with the pizza."

Partial pizza with toppings in a box, viewed from above

9. "My wife got a pay raise for her 10-year anniversary."

Part of a form showing numerical entries for support levels and a checked 'C' under 'Interruption', with various leave types listed below

10. "My daughter's toy tablet has no word for the letter C."

11. "My school thinks this fills up hungry high schoolers."

12. "This is how our new air fryer arrived from Amazon."

Black stove-top burners soaking in a container, displaying a cleaning hack found online

13. "The 'waste' my mom leaves when using green onions."

Aloe vera leaves on a wooden surface, with one leaf cut open to show the gel inside

14. "The forks they had at the restaurant I went to."

Person holding a utensil with fork tines at one end and a knife edge at the other, over a plate of food

15. "Someone dared to put their foot on my arm rest on a flight."

An armrest on a plane with a person's foot in a white sock resting on it, appearing like a hand

16. "This powerboard was made to fit in the corner, except the cable comes out of the corner."

A Crest power board on the floor with plugged-in cables

17. "Apparently I'm the picky one."

Text conversation showing one person suggesting activities and the other being indecisive about food choices

18. "My delivery driver pulled up to my house, marked the order as delivered, stole it, and uploaded this as the delivery location."

McDonald's delivery bag with a long receipt attached inside a car

19. And finally, "I've been stuck here waiting for the train to move for the last 40 minutes."

View from a car showing a train passing at a railroad crossing on a sunny day