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18 Troubling Photos That Left Me Speechless — Like, I Haven't Spoken In Days

Rachel Dolezal starting an OnlyFans is truly the cherry on top of this nightmare year.

1. This search for the only sperm donor on earth that would be willing to pay child support:

A person seeking a sperm donor to help pay child support

2. This cursed acronym:

A photo for the Christian Life International

3. This most recent, and very bizarre, news about Rachel Dolezal:

"Rachel Dolezal Started OnlyFans to Honor Rihanna"

4. This confusion over the purpose of a subreddit:

"Uhhh this is a sub dedicated to cutting sugar out of our diets"

5. This not-so-holy double entendre:

"the most powerful position is on your knees."

6. This super disrespectful 9/11-themed menu:

A 9/11 themed menu

7. This wild assumption:

"Borderline personality disorder?"

8. This Oscar-deserving performance:

"Yo gaby this is the surgeon"

9. This weird brag:

"how i met everyone i've e-slept with"

10. This oversharing duo:

A couple wearing shirts where the woman's says, "i'm the reason his dick smells like chapstick"

11. This interesting approach to trying to get someone to sleep with you:

Someone saying, "Let's get straight to the point. I'm tryna fuck"

12. This post that was definitely written by a possessive mother-in-law:

"His mom should ALWAYS come before you and you shouldn't be offended by that."

13. This absolute facepalm:

"You guys know these aren't anonymous, right?"

14. This childish pun:

A car that says, "Clit Taurus"

15. This person who needs to be put on a watchlist:

"Is it weird that my cat is older than the love of my life? Please help me"

16. This cringeworthy trend:

"You can now get a Verified Badge crest on your Bay Area home if you're an influencer, public figure, or represent a brand."

17. This creepy request:

Someone asking to see a movie or photos of Uma Thurman giving birth

18. And finally, this upsetting exchange:

*smells between your toes*

H/T: r/cringepics