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    People Are Doing A Sexy Dance On TikTok To The Score Of "Twilight" And It's Getting Us Through Quarantine

    Was there a twerking scene in Twilight that we missed?

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    Ever heard of a little movie called Twilight? You know, the one with a couple cringeworthy lines, but most importantly some truly iconic music? (Need we remind you of the baseball scene?)


    Well, TikTok user @twaimz (aka Issa Twaimz) made our day after he performed this hilarious and ~sexy~ dance to "Bella's Lullaby" that went viral.

    Apparently, we weren't the only ones mesmerized by this titillating choreography. A lot of other TikTok users started doing the dance too...and let's just say people are REALLY feeling the music.


    When Mel’s 21st B-Day is this Sunday and we can’t go out cuz we’re stuck in quarantine😭##wilkingsisters ##happyathome ##quarantinelife ##quarantinebday

    ♬ Theme from "Twilight (Bella's Lullaby)" - Movie Sounds Unlimited

    Like, it's such a sad tune but a joyous dance!


    one of the most heartbreaking povs i’ve ever had to made... ##fyp ##idknever @twaimz

    ♬ Theme from "Twilight (Bella's Lullaby)" - Movie Sounds Unlimited

    It really puts a whole new spin on this piece of music.

    We really can't help but love the way people are getting into it. It's kind of moving, TBH.

    Anyway, this would probably be Bella's reaction after seeing it.


    But this is all of our booties after watching it.


    Thank you TikTok for providing us with yet another incredible distraction! (TikTok voice: "That is QUITE adequate.")

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