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    16 Awful Things Men Wrote About Women That You'll Have To Rub Your Eyes To Believe

    We're not just tits and ass.

    1. This writer who literally made up a measurement for boobs:

    "3 and a half milliboobs per handful" from menwritingwomen

    2. This writer who assumes every mother-daughter relationship is marred by jealousy and abuse:

    Ah yes, what a classic mother-daughter interaction from menwritingwomen

    3. This writer who wrote a hypersexual description of Britney Spears when she was still a minor:

    Rolling Stone’s 1999 Cover Story for Britney Spears, She was 16 from menwritingwomen

    4. This writer who thinks cheese is as deep as we go:

    Fuuuu... they’re onto us 😬 from menwritingwomen

    5. This writer who can shove this list up his derrière:

    How to be an appealing lady from menwritingwomen

    6. This writer (Shane Dawson lol) who really didn't have to put this detail in his description:

    Oh my.. (Shane Dawson, I Hate MySelfie) from menwritingwomen

    7. This writer (Murakami) who is still thinking about their characters' breasts — even when they're dead:

    This is how women cope with loss according to Haruki Marukami (1Q84, an international best seller) from menwritingwomen

    8. And this writer who is still thinking about their character's vagina — even when they're mostly ash:

    Of course when you come across a burnt to crisp body, thats the first thing you look for from menwritingwomen

    9. This writer who thinks "withdrawn breasts" are a symptom of depression:

    I am losing my mind at this passage from menwritingwomen

    10. This writer who just had to connect their character's anger to their period:

    This is the 3rd time in the book a female character mentions their period in a “I’m in a bad mood” context. from menwritingwomen

    11. This writer (Stephen King) who thinks all it takes for a woman to orgasm is a "single merciless stroke":

    ok i love stephen king as a storyteller but if he thinks it takes one stroke for a woman to orgasm i feel very bad for his wife from menwritingwomen

    12. This writer whose mission appears to be making women second-guess everything they wear:

    Yikes (The Silent Wife by A.S.A. Harrison) from menwritingwomen

    13. This writer who's really tiptoeing on the pedophile line:

    EW. Summer Knight by Jim Butcher from menwritingwomen

    14. This writer who somehow managed to stigmatize sex workers while simultaneously insulting women who aren't in sex work:

    Clive cussler - treasure ,a dirk pit novel from menwritingwomen

    15. This writer who should probably get therapy for their deep-seated fear of educated women:

    A man describing his dream woman [“The Dark Forest”, Cixin Liu] from menwritingwomen

    16. And this writer who somehow managed to sexualize a mummy:

    In an article about the first pregnant mummy to ever be discovered. Even in death. from menwritingwomen

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