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    Sep 12, 2019

    17 Jokes That Servers May Or May Not Find Really Funny

    "Sex is cool but have you ever served a table of people who were also servers?"

    1. Needing a designated spot to shed your tears.

    u/darthstacy27 / Via

    2. Getting some joy out of the little things.

    One of my favorite things about working at a restaurant is giving a family of four a basket of exactly five breadsticks and letting the discord commence

    3. And some misery, too.

    4. Always being haunted by mistakes.

    Server culture is laying in bed and remembering you forgot to give one of your tables that honey mustard they asked for.

    5. Taking a beating when you don't deserve it.

    u/rottencheese122 / Via

    6. Constantly feeling this inner turmoil.

    Being a server is the constant struggle of wanting money, but not wanting to be sat and take tables

    7. Celebrating the smallest of wins.

    u/ricenbeanzz / Via

    8. Throwing together a makeshift bed for an emergency nap.

    u/orenlives / Via

    9. Being a true American hero.

    10. Wishing you had a time machine.

    11. Never really being off the job.

    I could die and my job would get a ouija board and ask if I got someone to cover my shift

    12. Knowing your enemies.

    Middle aged white women logging into Yelp after receiving mediocre customer service

    13. Playing hot potato with your coworkers.

    Coworker: omg text me anytime you need a shift covered Me: can you work today Coworker: omg sorry my uncles hamster is in town or I would

    14. Summoning every bit of inner strength during trying times.

    15. Feeling a strong sense of community with other servers.

    yeah sex is cool but have you ever served a table of people who are also servers ?

    16. Having no choice but to be blunt sometimes.

    17. And feeling insurmountable joy when your manager takes your side over the customer's.

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