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15 People Who — How Do I Put This Kindly — Don't Care About Anyone But Themselves

Bad vibes.

1. Anyone who tries to get in the way of their child's education by pushing their own inaccurate beliefs on them.


2. Anyone who thinks a DUI is a rite of passage.

OnLy GoD cAn JuDgE mE from trashy

3. Anyone who asks people to Venmo them for their birthday.

So trashy it’s cringey from trashy

4. Anyone who just leaves a dead animal in a box on the street for other people to deal with.

Trashmen deserve hazard pay, change my mind. from trashy

5. And anyone who puts dirty diapers anywhere but the garbage.

Saw this at the Home Depot yesterday (used diapers and the bag is full of them) there were maybe 12 of them scattered from trashy

6. Anyone who tries to downplay the whole "I'm cheating on my wife" thing.

There’s just one problem.. from trashy

7. Anyone who doesn't respect people's personal space on an airplane.

Sitting like this on a plane from trashy

8. Anyone who cares THIS much about their ENGAGED daughter's sex life.

A true peacemaker from trashy

9. Anyone who purposely leaves a mess at a restaurant.

This is what someone left at a buffet because they were mad they found 2 dirty plates and were asked to wear a mask from trashy

10. Anyone who thinks the well-being of others is "not their responsibility."

Ah yes, the "your health is not my responsibility" from iamatotalpieceofshit

11. Anyone who clips their nails in a public space.

Clipping Your Nails at the Gym from trashy

12. Anyone who degrades people in sex work.

This was outside a family clinic in my town from trashy

13. Anyone who sees their own child as just another stimulus check.

Oh yes, children are paychecks. Found on a crafting FB page. from trashy

14. Anyone who does their gender reveal in a public park and doesn't clean up after themselves.

Someone did a gender reveal in a public park flower garden. They left the plastic confetti, balloons and tape on the ground and in the pond. The snow said "it's a girl". from trashy

15. And anyone who is this outraged by mask mandates.

I’ll never understand anti maskers from trashy

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