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    14 Doctors Who Need Their Medical Licenses Removed, Stat


    1. This doctor who told their patient that using a wheelchair was "giving up":

    A doctor once told me that using a wheelchair is “giving up on getting up.” Using a wheelchair is not “giving up” on anything. It’s getting on with getting on.

    Twitter: @GHMansfield

    2. This doctor who accidentally sent their patient an email that misdiagnosed them with an STI:

    it’s almost been two years since a doctor told me i had gonorrhea and then proceeded to tell me “sorry wrong person”

    Twitter: @itakebitcoin

    3. This doctor who told their patient they shouldn't have kids because of their illness:

    A doctor once told me I shouldn't have kids because they would inherit my muscle dystrophy. I have two kids now. So, fuck that guy.

    Twitter: @iamharaldur

    4. This doctor who recommended their patient "not have sex anymore" as a solution for painful sex:

    when i finally found the courage to tell my doctor that sex was excruciatingly painful, my doctor told me to “not have sex anymore then”

    Twitter: @laraeparker

    5. This doctor who told their patient "why bother" getting a diagnosis for an illness with no cure:

    Sometimes I lie awake and think about how a doctor told me once "why bother" getting a diagnosis if there's no cure for it, and I'm thinking about people who might be clinically extremely vulnerable who don't even know if they are because of a lack of official diagnosis, fun!

    Twitter: @empathywarrior

    6. This doctor who made a sweeping generalization about children of single parents:

    One time a doctor told me that kids raised by single parents have issues in life. I'm starting to feel like it's true 😭😭!

    Twitter: @atuhighray

    7. This doctor who prescribed "eating less candy bars" for anxiety:

    @WendyMolyneux I went in to see a doctor for anxiety and he told me to eat less candy bars every day. "If you eat two a day, maybe just eat one." So helpful! LOL.

    Twitter: @buberella

    8. This doctor who made fun of a 13-year-old for not having sex yet:

    @julthulhu Oh man I once had a doctor who "jokingly" derided me for not being sexually active yet.... at the age of 13

    Twitter: @The_Starman

    9. This doctor who had the most preposterous advice for a physical pain inquiry:

    @asymetricjockey @gibbsy66 I once had a doctor who, when I told him I hurt somewhere when I did something told me, 'well then don't do it'.

    Twitter: @howellnic

    10. This doctor who had the most bizarre excuse for not refilling their patient's prescriptions:

    @kksheehan I once had a doctor who said my 15 minutes were up and he couldn’t go over my medication list and refill them for the coming year. I never saw that doctor again and i complained about him.

    Twitter: @Marg10001

    11. This doctor who told their patient that made-up pain "is common in females":

    so the doctor told me my pain was all in my head and then told me ‘this is common in females’ big yikes

    Twitter: @chaoticpunk_

    12. This doctor who accused their patient of faking both ADHD and a concussion:

    i once had a doctor who told me i was faking adhd and a concussion (i know, bullshit) and i was like i could never imagine treating my patients like that. ever

    Twitter: @luciapasquale06

    13. This doctor who prescribed stretching and to not "stress" before bed for someone suffering with intense insomnia:

    i didn’t sleep for 4 days straight this actual issue. the doctor told me to stretch a lil, don’t stress, and light a candle before bed. thanks i’m cured.

    Twitter: @erikacostell

    14. And finally, this doctor who told their patient they "didn't look as fat as their weight indicated."

    I once had a doctor who upon entering the room, thought he had the wrong chart because I “didn’t look as fat as my weight indicated.” Pretty sure he thought that was a complement. I had a lung infection and he told me that diet and exercise plus the antibiotic would cure it.

    Twitter: @manboobwpurpose

    Has a doctor ever told you something completely wrong or inappropriate? Let us know in the comments for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.

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