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21 Grotesque Message Screenshots That Made Me Lose My Breakfast As Well As My Faith In Humanity

The world is not a safe place.

1. The guy who barked up the wrong tree:

2. The Facebook Marketplace flirt:

3. The comeback:

4. The bad karma:

5. The foot fetish:

6. The guy who gave his friend laced drugs:

Person says how the MDMA in their acid messed with their antidepressant and calls it a breach of trust, and their "friend" says to stop using armchair analysis and go call their dad

7. The testicle enthusiast:

8. The terrible timing:

9. The Tinder match:

10. The "puppy" lover:

11. The cheater:

12. The coworker from hell:

13. The guinea pig kink:

14. The "NASA employee":

15. The butterfly king:

16. The adulterer:

17. The fake blackmail:

18. The misogynist:

19. The insensitive one:

20. The Etsy creepers:

21. And finally, the joker:

H/T: r/creepyPMs.