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    People Are Sharing Humiliating School Presentation Stories And They're So Cringeworthy

    Please don't let these people graduate.

    Have you ever seen a presentation in school that was so cringeworthy, it made you wish you were on a different planet?

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    Reddit user hitometootoo recently asked people to share the "please stop" school presentations that they've witnessed. Here are the most outrageous ones:

    1. "In my video class in high school, one group of guys did a parody of those Gatorade commercials where the athletes' sweat is the color of Gatorade, but it was a sweaty guy jerking off..."

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    "Apparently there was a Gatorade cum shot but the teacher just turned that shit off immediately before it got that far."


    2. "For the eigth grade talent show, two girls sang the 'Mr. Bledel' song (Mr. Bledel was a good-looking teacher who had recently graduated from college) that basically was about how cute they thought he was..."


    "Even then, it was incredibly uncomfortable and I remember looking at the teacher's face and he didn't seem very amused."


    3. "I was in fourth grade and a girl in my class did an oral report on Martin Luther King Jr. and how he was a hero for freeing the slaves..."

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    4. "In my college Spanish class, our desks were in a 'U' shape, and I was on the very end of the 'U'. Some guy was standing behind the podium, giving a presentation, and he got a boner..."

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    "I was on the side and no one was opposite so only I saw it. The dude just kept going on and on and on. I think he was trying to outlast the boner. He ended up getting it down before he had to sit down. It was a 10-minute presentation that only needed to be like three minutes."


    5. "For a public speaking class in college, we had to give a persuasive speech. One kid did his speech about porn... All he did was list the different kinds of porn he liked — in detail, with visual aids..."

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    "The professor stopped him after a few minutes, and asked him to explain what he wanted to persuade the audience about. He answered: 'Porn is good.'"


    6. "My friend had to go to his 'shit I don’t care about' folder to open a project in front of the whole class and teacher."

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    7. "Someone in my class did a book report on the dictionary. The teacher was pissed, but all of us students thought it was hilarious. Unfortunately, we never heard the end of the presentation."

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    8. "During nursing school a guy decided to use My Little Pony figures as props to a seminar room of about 100 people. He told the class that he would refer to himself as his pony name for the duration."



    9. "During our school assemblies we often had student performers. One kid decided to do a stand-up comedy routine about a girl giving him a blowjob. It was so awkward and the principal had to interrupt him."


    10. "The girl who gave the valedictorian speech at my high school graduation ended it with 'What's cooler than being cool? ICE COLD!'"

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    11. "My school got ripped off by paying a guy who claimed to be on SpongeBob to come talk to us about drugs. He did look kind of like Tom Kenny I guess."



    12. "In my 12th grade AP English class, we were each assigned a different book to read, then had to do a presentation on a topic somehow related to it. One girl was assigned Animal Farm. She started her presentation on...the kinds of tractors used in farming..."


    "She hadn't read the book and assumed it was about actual animal production and care. It was a very long presentation. The teacher had to actually hide her face."


    13. "In my college Spanish class, we had an assignment that was something like 'talk about your best friend', so you could practice using the vocabulary. One classmate's friend was evidently a friend with benefits."


    14. "In the fourth grade, I had a presentation about the science behind how Mountain Dew can dissolve a mouse. Needless to say, I got some parent complaints."



    15. "In Speech 101 in college we had to pick a children's book and voice–act each character. One student decided to take it to the next level. He chose a Berenstain Bears book and decided to not only do voice acting for every single one of the characters, but also act it out. It was physically uncomfortable to watch..."



    16. "During a presentation in my French class junior year, this one girl did not know the language at all. She was pretty open about it too — laughing and saying how she didn’t need this class in the middle of her presentation! The teacher asked her to sit..."


    "At one point, she was trying to say, 'Je suis heureuse' (I am happy) but she couldn't think of it and finally just said, 'Jay sweeze am happy, okay?'"— everythinglatte

    17. "Someone gave a speech about durian (a REALLY pungent fruit) in a class once. She brought a small frozen sample that thawed as the class went on. The professor let students step out the room."



    18. "When I was in high school, a girl from an absurdly wealthy family gave a presentation on why the rich are just as oppressed as anyone..."


    "This was in a normal public school in Kentucky where about 90% of the students were middle class at best. You could feel the eyes rolling in that room."


    19. And finally, "For our final project in our environmental science class, we were allowed to talk about anything. One dude decided to do his project on 'global cooling...'"


    "Buddy was up there for seven minutes explaining to the class how the Earth has been getting colder and colder, and how it's eventually going to cause problems to other species."


    Some submissions have been edited for grammar and clarity.

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