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    28 Photos That Were Scarier Than Any Of The Horror Movies I've Seen In The Last 10 Years

    Nothing is quite as frightening as coming across a woman standing on the roof of her house in the middle of the night, just, staring out into nothing.

    1. The figure:

    2. The piercings:

    eyebrow piercings that hold a eye glass lens

    3. The hole punch:

    a star hole-punched into someone's ear

    4. The door:

    5. The entity:

    6. The armor:

    7. The room:

    8. The woman:

    9. The stain:

    10. The ad:

    11. The sign:

    12. The shadows:

    13. The window:

    14. The teeth:

    15. The device:

    16. The dogs:

    17. The man:

    18. The gun:

    19. The plant:

    20. The design:

    21. The pasta dinner:

    22. The stairs:

    23. The illusion:

    24. The worms:

    25. The tree:

    26. The keychain:

    27. The hands:

    28. And finally, the potato:

    H/T: r/oddlyterrifying