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    13 People Who Have Money Coming Out Of Their Ears

    So this is how the other half lives.

    1. This person who has a literal alligator in their fish tank.

    2. This person who has a secret door that leads to a strip club in their house.


    i waited 3 months for him to come home so we could make this.... pt 2 on its way🤩

    ♬ my best friends rich checkkkkk - jordyn

    3. This person who has more luxury cars than I have pairs of underwear.

    4. This person who lives in a palace.


    Went to see my cousin today, y’all like her house?😂

    ♬ my best friends rich checkkkkk - jordyn

    5. This person whose house looks like a museum.

    6. This person whose house has a full-on bowling alley.

    7. This person whose indoor basketball court is four times the size of my apartment.

    8. This person who might actually be living in a beach resort.

    9. This person who has stacks of $100 bills as a fun little art display.

    10. This person whose house takes "ocean view" to a whole new level.

    11. This person who has the sickest water slide I've ever seen.

    12. This person whose view looks like a painting.

    13. And this person who is...Kylie Jenner.