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    21 Unthinkable Résumés That Instantly Got People Rejected From A Job Opportunity

    For the love of God, if you use a template, delete the damn filler text.

    1. This person doesn't know the meaning of "buffing up" a résumé:

    2. This person chose the worst line to screw up on spacing:

    3. This person forgot to add a few things:

    4. This person didn't even have a résumé:

    5. This person better hope that the people reading his résumé are Tupac fans:

    6. This person was way too honest about getting let go from every single job they've had:

    7. Hopefully, this "quick learner" learned from their mistake:

    8. This person included a subreddit (r/Superstonk) as a coding "language" they're fluent in:

    9. This person somehow managed to not mention any viable skills:

    10. This person essentially included drug dealing on their résumé:

    11. This person's résumé was a Rick Roll:

    12. This person should probably see a therapist:

    13. This person made a résumé that was "beyond" annoying:

    14. This person wrote a poem instead of a résumé:

    15. This person forgot to delete the template:

    16. Same with this person:

    17. This person didn't proaofread:

    18. This person somehow thought their interaction with the Dos Equis man was relevant:

    19. This person said, "Screw a résumé, a video game profile will do":

    20. This person wanted a pat on the back for using stairs:

    21. And finally, this person definitely did not make it happen: