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    18 Memes That'll Make You Say "Wait, Why Is This So True?"

    Why is there nothing better than getting home from vacation and pooping in your own toilet?

    1. Why is showing people a song you like such a universally awkward experience?

    2. Why was everyone pretending to enjoy themselves at the beginning of a PANDEMIC?

    3. Why is pooping in your own toilet way better than being on a beach in Hawaii?

    4. Why did we all clamp our mouths closed with hair clips as children?

    5. Why has every smartphone ad followed the same exact format for over a decade?

    6. Why did every guy have bleached tips in 2002?

    7. Why does a smoothie you made at home taste so much worse than one you get at a shop?

    8. Why are you only in need of long nails the day after you clip them short?

    9. Why are there only four gifts to get your boyfriend for the holidays?

    10. Why do people act like you just grew a second head whenever you say you haven't seen a certain movie?

    11. Why did we all think quicksand would be a common obstacle we'd face in life?

    12. Why are the people who are scared of vaccines always the same people who put a million other terrible things in their bodies?

    13. Why do you always wake up from a nap feeling super grumpy?

    14. Why is every condescending hipster man always obsessed with Infinite Jest?

    15. Why do we continue to do the things that make us feel like trash every day?

    16. Why have we all had someone try to explain wormholes to us in this manner?

    17. Why is there nothing more depressing than a super-early workday in the winter?

    18. And finally, why do we all consistently lose the things that are most important in life?

    H/T: r/starterpacks.