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    People Are Opening Up About The Biggest Sexual Red Flags, And Everyone Should Take Notes

    We don't accept this negative energy during Hot Girl Summer™.

    One of the key factors in romantic compatibility that many people look for is sexual chemistry. If things are still rough in the bedroom (figuratively speaking) after a lot of trial and error, that could be a sign for some people to move on.


    While everyone has different preferences, Reddit user u/Stickman_Bob decided to highlight some of the bedroom no-no's that should be universally regarded as warning signs. They asked users to share what they saw as the "biggest red flags during sex." Here are some of the top-rated responses:

    1. "An obvious lack of enthusiasm."


    2. "My friend had a one-night stand with a coworker and in the middle of coitus, he told her he wanted to peel back her skin and fuck her muscles. So yeah, if I heard something like that, it would probably be a red flag."


    3. "When they say they don't believe in STIs."


    4. "I had sex recently where the girl said 'ow, stop' and I stopped. Then she said 'thanks for actually stopping.' That made me sad. So yeah, please stop when someone tells you to."


    5. "Had a girl suck on one of my balls and literally drag it away with her mouth like when you see people trying to pull an attack dog off somebody's arm. It hurt. A lot."



    6. "Total silence on his part. When I realize that I could be humping a pillow alone in my room and feeling less self-conscious, I need to not be there. I'm not just gonna grind on you like I'm performing for you — please interact with me vocally."


    7. "Poop smell. Everyone give it that extra wipe for your partner. Shower often."


    8. "'You don't have to use a condom. I'm on birth control.' We just met an hour ago. I'd rather not pay child support for the next 20 years."


    9. "When it's just straight jackhammer the entire. Freaking. Time. Just going at it like a boring woodpecker."

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    10. "When they moan someone else's name."


    11. "If a guy were to finish and then roll over and go to sleep without even trying to help me orgasm, or cuddle me, or whatever, that would be the end of that."


    12. "If they get offended or throw a fit if you ask for STI testing before sex."


    13. "When they don't reciprocate oral sex."

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    14. "A guy once asked me if he was the biggest I'd had while pumping me. I nearly dried up permanently."


    15. "If a guy is reluctant to tell me what he likes. Being naked is not the time to be shy."


    16. "If I give a guy a blowjob and he won't kiss me afterward."


    17. And finally, "If they can't laugh during sex. Sex is two naked people rolling around in bed, often sweaty, with their genitals in contact with each other. Something awkward and funny is bound to happen, and if me laughing about it makes you self-conscious, then you've got some stuff to work on."


    Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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