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People Are Sharing The Worst Red Flags They've Ignored, And It's Gonna Make Your Exes Look Like Saints

"Hi, my name is 'All My Exes Are Crazy.'"

In the throes of love, we sometimes look the other way when a flaw in our partner first becomes apparent.

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TikTok user Zoe Bridges was curious about some of these "overlooks," so she decided to start a role-playing trend where people introduce themselves as the biggest red flag they've ever ignored. Zoe started the trend off light with a joke about guys named Jake (why does everyone have an ex named Jake?!):


♬ original sound - hailey jackson

It wasn't long before the responses started rolling in...and let's just say that some of these people are lucky they're still here to tell their stories:

1. This person dated a guy who could only stay erect during sex if she pretended that she was dead:


#stitch with @3zoebridges ok this is a flex

♬ original sound - Itsjamiebiotch

2. And this person dated a guy who needed to pretend that they were brother and sister (blood-related) in order to get it up:


#stitch with @3zoebridges Hi! I’m my ex’s sister. by blood. nice to meet you. #FestiveFashion #redflag #fyp

♬ original sound - sweet zee

3. This person went out with someone who threw up all over their sheets, called them their ex's name, and told them they loved them — all on the first date:


#stitch with @3zoebridges emphasis on IGNORING ALL THESE RED FLAGS. Too many stories from college ... #gay #college #date #fyp #fypシ #redflags

♬ original sound - Genevieve Vavance

4. This person dated someone who said that they failed the ninth grade twice, but "everyone else is stupid":


#stitch with @3zoebridges you live and you learn??????

♬ original sound - ky

5. This person dated someone who told her that all their exes were crazy:


#stitch with @3zoebridges when we ignore the fact that there is one common denominator #redflag

♬ original sound - jesstheprequel

6. This person dated someone who had seven kids and five baby mamas and cheated on everyone he ever dated:


#stitch with @3zoebridges TBF i was only 18 he was 32. Definitely didn’t know any better yet

♬ original sound - KrazySkunk

7. This person dated someone who lied about the names of their exes so that their new girlfriend would never find out they cheated:


#stitch with @3zoebridges 🤢🤮

♬ original sound - Yoojie

8. This person dated someone who had never had a job and relied on their wealthy parents for everything, but referred to themself as "rich":


#stitch with @3zoebridges

♬ original sound - Em_b20

9. This person dated someone who wrote incestuous fanfiction based on a computer game:


#stitch with @3zoebridges I will not be taking any further questions at this time

♬ original sound - chickpea

10. This person dated someone who told them they loved them on the third date:


#stitch with @3zoebridges

♬ original sound - Darien

11. And this person dated someone who asked them if they wanted to watch him pee directly from his penis into his mouth while standing up:


#stitch with @3zoebridges #fyp#redflags #pee #xyzbca #yes

♬ original sound - Nikole Davis

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