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19 Really Freaky Coincidences People Have Experienced While Using Randonautica

What will YOU manifest?

Disclaimer: the following post has discussions of suicide and eating disorders.

When they're not baking sourdough bread or watching Tiger King, bored quarantine folk have been livening up their neighborhood walks using the Randonautica app.

The app gives users a randomly generated coordinate and tells them to set an intention before they visit that location. This has resulted in a number of people reporting some weird coincidences they've experienced while "Randonauting."

Here are some of the eerie stories people have posted in the "randonauts" subreddit:

1. "It was my first time Randonauting. I wasn't taking it too seriously, so I just manifested seeing something 'red' and the coordinates led me here, to this. So yeah, I really can't explain this one. Insane experience."

2. "I went Randonauting and set my intent as 'dog.' I found a stray dog and took him home!"

3. "I have an eating disorder. I spoke to my doctor about seeking treatment to win this battle. He recommended a clinic. Later that day, our coordinates led us to a McDonald's. I went in to pee and as I was peeing I put a reminder on my phone to call the clinic. I exited the bathroom and this poster was right in front of me."

4. "I asked for anything to do with my best friend who died by suicide two years ago, and I saw a raven. It dropped a feather. She had said if she were to have a spirit animal it would be a raven."

5. "My intent was 'alien.' Does anyone know what these symbols mean?"

6. "My intent was to get direction in my current search for a new job. I was sent to a pond, and at the exact spot, I saw a black turtle. I think the symbolism here was 'slow and steady wins the race.' As an impatient person, that really spoke to me!"

7. "My intent was closure. I came across a field of my sister’s (who has passed) birth flowers. I’ve never seen these in real life and have them tattooed on me! I felt at peace."

8. "I didn't think this app was legit. Then I manifested a fridge and...WTF."

9. "First-timer here. I manifested the word 'love' and got sent to this side entry of a cemetery. This is where my younger brother is buried, who passed away two and a half years ago. Absolute chills and thankful for the trip."

10. "I set my intent to 'something positive' and it sent me to this infinity-shaped fallen tree."

11. "My intent was for a sign on how to deal with an ex who came back into my life this week."

12. "My girlfriend and I asked for treasure. Found this guy in a small patch of trees in the middle of the city!"

13. "Our intention was 'something out of the ordinary.' It took us to the middle of a forest and right when we got to the point a huge plane flew over us. I love this."

14. "I set my intention to 'an ending.'"

15. "My intention was 'scary.' It took me to the middle of nowhere on a dirt road. I then pulled up to this old abandoned mansion where 'religious retreats' apparently happen."

16. "My intention was happiness and it brought me to this grave. Her name was 'Joy.'"

17. "My intention was for an adventurous journey. I didn’t know a place like this existed in my town."

18. "First Randonaut experience. My thought was 'peace' and it brought me here."

19. "Decided to try Randonautica today with the intent of evil... I barely left the driveway :(."

Some submissions have been edited for grammar and/or clarity.