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    Updated on Jul 9, 2020. Posted on Jul 8, 2020

    17 Things Americans Probably Don't Know About

    Ever heard of load shedding?

    Greetings, fellow Americans!


    It's been brought to my attention that Twitter has some burning questions about whether we're aware of some of the things going on outside the confines of our country.


    Even though some of these questions were definitely meant as a mockery, I decided to answer them anyway! Knowledge is power, after all.

    1. Did you know that Jon Hamm is in Canadian commercials?

    Do Americans know that Jon Hamm has a whole series of Skip The Dishes commercials in Canada where he just pretends to be Canadian?

    Jon's in advertisements for a Canadian food delivery service called Skip The Dishes. He did one via Zoom recently to thank Canadians for supporting local businesses during the pandemic.

    2. Did you know that better cheese exists elsewhere?

    Do Americans know how bad their cheese is compared to the rest of the world

    A gruyere cheese from Switzerland was named the best cheese in the world this year.

    3. Did you know that a lot of other countries don't use paper/plastic utensils and plates?

    @lajoy1x I see this stuff all the time and... do americans know about dishwashers?

    Americans use more than 100 million pieces of plastic utensils a day.

    4. Did you know about Aero chocolate?

    what do americans know about this

    Aero bars were first introduced to the Northern England in 1935. They have a bubbly texture.

    5. Did you know what muesli meant?

    Muesli is a mixture of rolled oats, dried fruit, nuts, and seeds that's often eaten for breakfast with milk or yogurt. It was created in the early 1900s by a Swiss physician.

    6. Did you know about Cockney rhyming slang?

    do Americans know about cockney rhyming slang i donโ€™t know if they could handle it

    In Cockney rhyming slang, people say "bees and honey" instead of money. They also say "box of toys" instead of noise. This article explains why!

    7. Did you know about Wallace and Gromit?

    Do Americans know about Wallace and Gromit?

    Wallace and Gromit is a claymation show about an inventor and a dog who are best friends. It originated in England.

    8. Did you know about Count Duckula?

    Count Duckula is a British animated show about a vampire duck who happens to be a vegetarian.

    9. Did you know that other countries drink milk in bags?

    @safety_canada7 @SaskLass @FelixAnchor__ @EeeeeeClint @theGusMcCrae @muchmore2cents @MrCanadian69 @medwoman1 @Shtzngiggles2 @OldManDuke @roblord61 @Jhutch43945987 @GSReynolds2 @BlancheCarte1 @canadian000 @CdnFreedomRepor @the_jute @dunbdav @CPoTLCandC @Rainbowbuttmon2 @carolinasassie @DavidMilley @john_jakester @CrossBrigids @SwankCarpent @ITGrouch @MrKilroi @jay_slatter @RRidley11 @ThoughtPolice13 @bannon2018 @Marie35396768 @StevenRuthven @KevsheaKsheak @backmarker3 @Trebby0320 @jasonlo18188734 @PKFreedom1 @nostradamous195 @Venomous_Gramma @Nationalwatchm1 @Dshep48Shepherd @pretty_troll @DougHawk @Katalytical87 @vesnalaurie8 @kgossen @Deplorable_Bree @RdR91136574 @Impwar13 Who have legal pot and sell our milk in bags ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ I had an American boyfriend once -- when he visited me and saw our milk in bags he was blown away ๐Ÿคฃ Is it true that Americans don't have milk in bags??

    About half of Canadians drink their milk from bags.

    10. Did you know that other countries put butter on their sandwiches?

    wait omg is it true that americans don't put butter on their sandwiches? wtf im shocked hahah

    Many European countries put butter on their sandwiches.

    11. Did you know what a "top shagger" was?

    do americans know what a top shagger is just a question

    According to Urban Dictionary, a "top shagger" is a guy who hooks up with a lot of women.

    12. Did you know that other places have labeled paper sizes?


    Other countries have paper sizes that are referred to by labels like A4 and A2. Here's a chart, if you're curious.

    13. Did you know about load shedding?

    Do Americans know what load shedding is ?

    Some countries deliberately shut off the electricity in certain areas to make sure that the entire power system doesn't overload and fail.

    14. Did you know what "fortnight" meant?

    Wait, is it true that Americans don't use the word 'fortnight'??

    A fortnight is a two-week time period. Fourteen days, to be exact!

    15. Did you know what wellies were?

    do americans know what wellies are - an intrigued brit

    Wellies are Wellington Boots, which are a British rain boot.

    16. Did you know what fanny means in the UK?

    Do Americans know what fanny means in the UK? ๐Ÿ˜‚

    In the UK, a fanny means a vagina.

    17. Did you know about electric kettles?

    Is it true that Americans don't use electric kettles? How do they make a cup of tea or coffee?

    In the UK, nearly everyone uses an electric kettle.

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