62 Pumpkin Carving Ideas That'll Either Impress You Or Make You LOL

    I don't really have the skill for some of these, but if you do...

    Halloween is right around the corner, and you know what that means — it's time to buy a couple of pumpkins, scoop out those seeds and get carving! We know a lot of your creative energy already went into planning a costume, so we rounded up some of our favorite pumpkin carving ideas to inspire you.

    1. Who ya gonna call?:

    Ghostbusters carving

    2. This carving to get you in the Halloween ~spirit~:

    Spirited Away carving

    3. Better *Carve Saul:

    Better Call Saul carving

    4. Pumpkins, Inc:

    Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc pumpkin carving

    5. This fossil:

    dinosaur carving

    6. This creepy carving, which is child's play:

    Chucky carving

    7. The cat's out of the bag:

    Hand carved pumpkin of a cat eating a fish and a fishbowl

    8. This guy is thirsty:

    9. Top it all off with a witch hat:

    10. A toothy grin:

    A jolly carved pumpkin for Halloween

    11. An even toothier grin:

    Twitter: @DanteFenolio

    12. A depiction of the food chain:

    13. Try incorporating other veggies:

    Carved pumpkin with radishes for eyes and peppers for fangs

    14. I mean, it makes sense:

    15. It's a cat... Get it?

    16. *Ahem* More bathroom humor:

    17. Screaming for his life:

    18. A smol guy:

    19. This very scary pumpkin:

    20. Oh, snap:

    21. Star light, star bright:

    Stack of lighted orange coloured carved natural Halloween jack-o-lantern pumpkins at outdoor night

    22. A little pumpkin family:

    23. Straight-up cool:

    24. Jack Skellington:

    a person wearing a pumpkin on their head

    25. Heisenberg, anyone?

    a pumpkin carving of Walter White

    26. Looks like college to me:

    a jack-o-lantern puking out pumpkin guts

    27. Clever if you lack knife skills:

    a mummified pumpkin

    28. I don't think I could do this, TBH:

    a portrait of a man carved on a pumpkin

    29. Let it GOOOOO:

    the words "let it go" with a decoration carved into a pumpkin

    30. For the Disney fans:

    Mickey Mouse carved into a pumpkin

    31. Accio, pumpkin:

    Harry Potter carved into a pumpkin

    32. These will be haunting my dreams:

    Minion pumpkins

    33. Some people just love Guinness:

    Guinness cup carved into a pumpkin

    34. A throwback to an MTV classic:

    Daria logo on a pumpkin

    35. And this throwback to this '80s classic:

    Skeletor and Hee-Man pumpkin carvings with little boys standing by them

    36. Bonus points for use of props:

    Troll pumpkin

    37. Kool-Aid Man of nightmares:

    Kool-Aid Man carved into a pumpkin

    38. Hey Arnold, you're a pumpkin!

    a woman holding a Hey Arnold pumpkin

    39. Sure, it's not technically carved, but dang:

    a painted pumpkin showing a house on a cliff

    40. Actually, this is scary:

    scary mask carved into a pumpkin

    41. "Everything the light touches is our kingdom":

    baby Simba carved into a pumpkin

    42. Pumpkin for people who have the time to carve individual teeth:

    a jack-o-lantern with a lot of teeth

    43. This is flawless:

    a skeleton carved into a pumpkin

    44. The FONT:

    pumpkin with the carved words: "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good"

    45. Fry suspicious of how he got stuck inside a pumpkin:

    Fry from "Futurama" carved into a pumpkin

    46. Again, use of props. Bonus:

    Stitch carved and painted into a pumpkin

    47. The most terrifying pumpkin of all:

    "cover letters" carved into a pumpkin

    48. I would be scared if I was still a child:

    49. AHHHHHHH:

    50. This took, like, real thought:

    51. WHAT:

    Went to pumpkin carving thingy it was so much fun the Dino’s where my favorite part of the experience.

    Twitter: @ytgamer2090

    52. Free him:

    53. NOooOOOooo:

    54. Talent level is insane here:

    55. For the Swifties out there:

    Another @taylorswift13 pumpkin carving that I did tonight 🎃✨🧡 @taylornation13

    Twitter: @taybeautifulll

    56. A portrait in his likeness:

    57. Literally...how?

    58. OK, it's funny:

    59. Wouldn't want to be caught between those teeth:

    60. For the gamers:

    61. There's a level of commitment here:

    62. It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown:

    Pumpkins carved to look like Charlie Brown and Snoopy

    This post contains content from Christopher Hudspeth, Mike Spohr, Alanna Okun, and Daniella Emanuel. It was compiled by Laura Frustaci.