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16 Tweets Americans Will Probably Be Offended By

Here we go.

Oh, Americans.

We're an...interesting bunch.

It's to be expected that the rest of the world would have some ~feelings~ about the way we go about our lives.

1. For example: those weird little plastic tables that are stamped into the center of our takeout pizzas.

ok but why do americans put like a mini table in the middle of their pizza like what's the purpose of that

2. And our overuse of "y'all."

@guendouzx why do americans have to include ''yall'' in every tweet they make

3. How about the fact that we douse already sugary things with more sugar?

4. Or are just A LITTLE obsessed with peanut butter?

Why do Americans consume so much peanut butter Iโ€™m concerned

5. You can't deny that our drink ratios at restaurants are 80% ice and 20% drink.

why do americans put more ice than liquid in everything they drink

6. And it's certainly interesting that we seem to assume that everyone on the internet is in our time zone.

Americans always tweeting โ€œits the middle of the nightโ€ and โ€œgo to bedโ€ at me whenever I wake up in the morning.. I just think thatโ€™s very interesting

7. Feeling insulted yet? Don't be! We hate on other countries enough.

can americans STOP complaining about the lack of ac and drinks full of ice in europe and particularly france... my god we get it

8. And they're clearly fed up with it!

Americans please stop making tiktoks trying to pronounce Irish names youโ€™re not funny thanks โค๏ธ

9. On another note, I know for a fact that we have dish soap in this country, so why all the paper plates?

Can Americans please stop using paper plates at home.

10. And let's face it, some of us get a little too cozy when we're not even in our own homes.

why do americans invite themselves over and just ask people to make them food ๐Ÿ˜ญ how are they not embarrassed

11. We also get carried away with our TV and movie plots.

when will americans stop romanticizing italian mafia, like, it's not... it's not like that.

12. If we're gonna embellish some things on screen, we might as well be honest about others โ€” like the fact that most of us are definitely finishing our dinners.

13. Pretty much everyone is annoyed with the fact that we don't use Celsius.

When will Americans stop using farenheit I am exhausted

14. And what's with the emotional drama that surrounds the whole "going to college" thing? It doesn't need to be that deep!

why do americans have a big emotional send off to college like here we just catch a train or a bus depending on where you live and come back home at the end of the day

15. We tend to botch the pronunciation of some pretty straightforward words.

Why do Americans pronounce pasta as Paw-sta instead of Pas-ta

16. And I think we can all admit that we love Flamin' Hot Cheetos a little too much.

Why do Americans love covering their food in crushed up hot cheetos