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    15 Moments From MTV's "Next" That Most Certainly Did Not Age Well

    We hope we never have to hear the phrase "V-card" again.

    If you were alive in the mid-2000s, chances are you remember a little show on MTV called Next. The concept of the show was that daters would get off a bus to meet their "datee," and if the datee wasn't feelin' it, they would scream "NEXT!"

    And it turns out, not only was the concept of the show pretty cringe, but it also had A LOT of problematic moments that really didn't age well. Here are the worst ones:

    1. When Allison nexted Eddie for liking fashion and made this joke:

    Allison saying "Eddie was more flame-broiled than my hamburger."

    2. And when the guys on the bus hounded Eddie about his sexuality:

    All the guys suggesting that Eddie is gay. One says "You're the gayest straight guy I've ever met!"

    3. When these guys took pride in the fact that they'd slept with multiple women who'd never had sex before:

    Guy asking group, "Any of you guys collect V-cards?" and someone responding "I've got a little collection, yeah."

    4. When this conversation that fetishized and made generalizations about women’s bodies happened:

    A guy says "I'm telling you, you guys gotta try big chicks..." and then someone else says "Women with a little more weight usually have prettier faces I think."

    5. And when Mike was fetishized/stereotyped because of his race:

    Mike saying "I'm black and Italian," and the girl responding "Are you black where it counts?"

    6. When Chris’s response to being nexted was pulling his shorts down and chasing around the girls with his penis out.

    Women looking/running away as Chris chases them with his shorts down.

    7. And when this jerk threatened to next a girl unless she kissed him, even though she didn’t want to:

    Guy telling a girl "I like a girl who can kiss on the first date, so if that's not how you play, I'm gonna have to kick you out."

    8. When this was one of Brian’s “fun facts”:

    Brian posing with his facts on the right. One of them reads, "terrified of large, mean women."

    9. When Eric got nexted because he didn’t speak Spanish and this was his response:

    Eric saying "I guess I'm a MexiCAN'T."

    10. When Adam started off the episode by objectifying the woman he’d be dating before he even met her:

    Adam saying “I won’t even notice if this girl has a good personality, ‘cuz I’m gonna be staring at her boobs!”

    11. When these contestants put down a guy because they all thought he was too “girly”:

    12. When this guy essentially compared a girl to secondhand clothing:

    A guy saying "I like stuff that looks worn in and used. Vanessa was perfect for me."

    13. When this fellow gave us some TMI that absolutely nobody asked for:

    A guy saying, "Curvy girls make my junk twitch."

    14. When a contestant was riding a skateboard and Levi decided to give these words of encouragement:

    A girl skateboards and Levi replies, "Not bad for a girl!"

    15. And when this guy nexted a girl because she had a boob job.

    Guy telling a girl, "Those boobs are from the future. Next!"

    Do you remember any other super problematic moments from Next? Share them in the comments below!