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    16 Problematic Movie Scenes That Age Worse With Every Passing Day

    Looking at these scenes through a fresh lens is sobering.

    Warning: This post contains discussion of rape, sexual assault, racism, and ableism.

    A lot has changed in the last couple of decades. Huge strides have been made in the realm of social justice, and certain things just don't fly anymore. In result, movies from the 20th century and early 2000s are likely to have some scenes or characters that are just horrifically inappropriate.

    A while back, redditor u/Couch_Licker asked the Redditsphere, "What movie has NOT aged well?" Users flooded the comments with examples of problematic movie scenes. Here are some of the top-rated responses:

    1. "Jim shares a nude video of Nadia on the internet in American Pie. Everyone just laughed it off. And even worse, Nadia was the only one who was punished. She got sent back to her home country. Her reputation and her whole study abroad year were ruined because of some horny assholes egging each other on."

    2. "American Beauty. The allegations against Kevin Spacey make the scenes of him trying to have sex with an underage kid even harder to watch now."

    3. "James Bond rapes Pussy Galore in Goldfinger."

    Bond laying over Pussy Galore in hay

    4. "Revenge of the Nerds. The scene where Lewis has sex with Betty because she thinks he's Stan definitely isn't cool today."

    Betty saying, "Oh Stan, that was wonderful; you did things to me you've never done before," and then her screaming in realization that it's not Stan

    5. "Sixteen Candles. A lot of racism, casually addressing sexual assault, and an actual date rape."

    A man lying down on the grass and the words, "No more yanky my wanky; the donger need food!"

    6. "Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Awful yellow face by Mickey Rooney."

    Screen credit that says, "And also starring Mickey Rooney as 'Mr. Yunioshi'"

    7. "Grease. That scene where Danny is pressuring Sandy in the car. And just his entire behavior toward her. Ew."

    8. "Tiptoes. For a movie made in 2003, it’s surprisingly offensive toward little people. Having to watch Gary Oldman waddle around on his knees with a fake hump on his shoulder (which is essentially a wadded up T-shirt shoved under the one he’s already wearing) is just too much."

    Gary Oldman as a little person walking into a building

    9. "Teachers with Nick Nolte. A warm and fuzzy teacher helps a student get an abortion. She is knocked up by his buddy, the gym teacher, and they all want to keep it quiet. This was just a side story to show how much this teacher 'cared' about his students... So gross."

    A teacher talking to a student with another student watching nearby

    10. "A lot of classic Disney movies were super racist. There were the crows in Dumbo..."

    11. "...and also a whole segment in Peter Pan with a bunch of Native American people singing a song called 'What Makes the Red Man Red?'"

    12. "Animal House, with its rape-contemplation scene."

    A fraternity member with a small devil and a small angel character on either side of him

    13. "Blank Check. An adult woman kisses the little boy on the lips for waaaay longer than I'm comfortable with. Imagine if the genders were reversed."

    14. "That scene in the first Rocky movie where he seduces Adrian by coercing her into his apartment after she's said no, physically blocking the exit when she tries to leave, taking his clothes off without any encouragement, and then kissing her without any consent as she clearly tries to resist."

    15. "The way Natalie is constantly body-shamed in Love Actually."

    A man saying, "You know Natalie who works here" and a woman saying, "The chubby girl?" with the man responding, "Ooh, would we call her chubby?" and the woman responding, "I think there's a pretty sizable arse there, yes, sir — huge thighs"

    16. "And finally, when Vince Vaughn is forced to have sex with Gloria in Wedding Crashers."

    Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.