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    16 Men Who Experienced The Most Embarrassing Rejections I've Ever Witnessed

    A moment of silence for these fellas.

    1. This guy who suffered the lowest blow of them accidental text:

    2. This guy who saw all that he needed to see:

    3. This guy who's gonna have to party all by himself:

    4. This guy who was screenshotted (which is rarely a good thing):

    5. This guy who was used for a free meal:

    6. This guy who's so obsessed with his ex that he's subscribing to her OnlyFans:

    7. This guy whose date held nothing back:

    8. This guy who went into literary detail about his farts for nothing:

    9. This guy who really had no backbone:

    10. This guy whose Hinge is a dead zone:

    11. This guy who was not let down easy:

    12. This guy whose dreams were shattered:

    Oof from sadcringe

    13. This guy whose wife has some concerns:

    14. This guy who misread the message:

    15. This guy whose crush's words were not minced:

    16. And finally, this guy who found out the truth the hard way:

    :( from sadcringe

    H/T: r/sadcringe